Revealed: ‘The Last Straw’ That Got ABC Meteorologist Fired

Revealed: ‘The Last Straw’ That Got ABC Meteorologist Fired

ABC News has terminated senior meteorologist Rob Marciano more than a year after he was banned from reporting inside the “Good Morning America” studio. The reason behind his firing was revealed to be a heated argument with a “GMA” producer.

According to the Daily Beast, Marciano's dismissal came after a confrontational incident where he engaged in a heated shouting match with a producer.

Sources familiar with the situation indicated that ABC’s chief meteorologist, Ginger Zee, was made aware of the argument and reported it to management.

Marciano had already faced disciplinary actions and was restricted from reporting inside the studio due to previous behavioral issues. The reported shouting match was described as the final straw that led to his termination.

The Daily Beast's report stated that several complaints had been lodged against Marciano's behavior over time. The network's decision to terminate him came after Zee reported the on-set argument, signaling a culmination of ongoing concerns about Marciano's conduct.

ABC News, Marciano, and Zee declined to comment or did not respond to inquiries regarding the firing.

News of Marciano's dismissal surfaced earlier without specific reasons given. Dylan Byers of Puck News confirmed the termination and noted that Marciano had faced complaints about his behavior in the past, leading to his temporary exclusion from the main “GMA” set in New York City.

ABC News did not issue a public statement regarding Marciano's termination. Rumors of Marciano's temper and behavior issues had circulated previously, with reports suggesting he created an uncomfortable work environment by oversharing personal information and displaying anger management issues.

Marciano's ban from the studio reportedly coincided with his divorce proceedings from his wife. While specific details about the incident leading to his ban were not disclosed, sources indicated that it involved improper behavior and a subsequent punishment from ABC News.

Marciano, who joined ABC in 2010, confirmed his divorce from wife Eryn in July 2022. He expressed sadness over the situation and stated that his focus is now on his children.

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