Revealed: What Happened Before Fight That Left Missouri Teen in Coma

Revealed: What Happened Before Fight That Left Missouri Teen in Coma

Missouri high school student Kaylee Gain, 16, was suspended from school the day prior to a violent altercation where she was attacked and her head repeatedly slammed into the pavement, leading to a skull fracture and brain bleed that left her in a coma for two weeks, as per a recent report.

The incident, which occurred on March 8, involved Gain, who is white, and her attacker, identified as a black student, based on video evidence. Both students attend Hazelwood East High School in St. Louis, and the assault took place approximately a mile away from the school, according to details from the New York Post.

The events leading up to the confrontation were potentially set in motion the previous day. Gain had been engaged in a fight with another student, a friend of the 15-year-old who has since been charged with felony assault for the brutal attack that left Gain unconscious and convulsing after her head was forcefully struck against the pavement. Gain's suspension from school was related to her involvement in the earlier altercation.

A hearing is scheduled for the following week to determine whether the alleged attacker will be tried as an adult.

A petition has been initiated, advocating for the juvenile treatment of the girl seen in the video inflicting the assault on Gain. The petition highlights her academic achievements, multilingual abilities, musical talents, and previous lack of disciplinary issues prior to the incident, framing her as a victim defending herself from harassment and bullying.

The petition argues against trying her as an adult, citing the circumstances of the assault and emphasizing the need for restorative justice and rehabilitation approaches instead of solely punitive measures.

In contrast, another petition argues for the case to be handled in the adult court system due to the severity of the assault.

An update on Kaylee's condition was provided by her father, Clinton Gain, stating that she is showing signs of improvement, breathing independently, and has been moved out of the ICU. The family expressed gratitude for the support and prayers received during this challenging time via a GoFundMe page set up for them.

Kaylee's mother, April, echoed similar sentiments on a separate GoFundMe page, thanking everyone for their generosity and sharing that Kaylee is now stable and making progress, albeit with a long recovery journey ahead.

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