RFK Jr. Makes Unconventional Pick For His VP

RFK Jr. Makes Unconventional Pick For His VP

The vocal NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers has withdrawn from the RFK Jr. vice presidential contest, as per a Kennedy campaign source. Now, a new candidate has emerged as his running mate.

Mediaite has discovered that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. plans to select Nicole Shanahan, an entrepreneur and attorney based in California who was previously married to Google co-founder Sergey Brinn, as his running mate for his independent presidential campaign.

According to a source familiar with the campaign, Kennedy has decided against considering NFL star Aaron Rodgers as his vice presidential nominee. Concerns were raised by those contributing to the campaign about the potential of his candidacy.

It is now expected that Shanahan, the individual behind Kennedy's Super Bowl advertisement, will be chosen as the running mate for the unconventional campaign.

"They share common ground on various issues," a source close to the campaign stated about Kennedy and Shanahan. "The campaign is also seeking a candidate who can assist in financing the ballot access initiative," which will be crucial if Kennedy hopes to compete in the election.

The source further added: "She may be injecting millions of dollars into the campaign to aid in funding the ballot initiative, making her financially appealing; however, she lacks the qualifications necessary to fulfill the role."

Mediaite uncovered that the website www.kennedyshanahan.com was registered on March 13th. Additionally, they verified that the pay.kennedyshanahan.com subdomain is operational and accepting donations.

Upon learning that Kennedy's senior advisor Link Lipsitz registered the domain, Mediaite made a $1 donation through that website.

When Mediaite reached out to Kennedy for comment, a spokesperson did not respond.

The initial report of Kennedy entering the September election as an independent was first disclosed by Mediaite.

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