Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Announce Vice Presidential Running Mate March 26

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to Announce Vice Presidential Running Mate March 26

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is set to unveil his running mate for his independent presidential bid on March 26 in Oakland, California, according to his campaign's announcement on Tuesday.

While the campaign did not disclose the identity of Kennedy's pick, he mentioned to The New York Times that NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers and former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura are among the leading contenders.

Kennedy's early announcement stems from the stringent ballot access regulations in numerous states, which necessitate independent candidates to designate their vice presidential nominees beforehand to commence the process. Securing ballot access for independent candidates is arduous and costly, with regulations varying significantly across states.

As the son of the former Attorney General under his uncle, President John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. initially launched his presidential campaign as a primary challenger to Democratic President Joe Biden. However, he later opted to run as an independent candidate.

Third-party candidates typically struggle to gain traction, often encountering hurdles to even appear on the ballot. Yet, Kennedy's candidacy carries the weight of a well-known family name and an established support network.

Aaron Rodgers, the seasoned quarterback formerly with the Green Bay Packers and now playing for the New York Jets, shares Kennedy's skepticism toward vaccine mandates and shares his presence in anti-establishment media circles. Meanwhile, Jesse Ventura, a former professional wrestler, surprised many by clinching the Minnesota governorship as an independent candidate in 1998.

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