Ship That Brought Down Key Bridge Has Troubling Past

Ship That Brought Down Key Bridge Has Troubling Past

The companies that own and operate the container ship responsible for the Francis Scott Key Bridge incident in Baltimore have a history of previous troubles, as does the ship itself.

In 2016, the MS Dali caused damage to a quay wall during a collision at the Port of Antwerp in Belgium, as reported by WDCW. According to USA Today, this incident occurred when the Dali struck a loading pier while leaving the port, resulting in damage to the ship's stern. An investigation attributed the accident to a mistake made by the ship's master and pilot.

The ship had to undergo repairs and inspection following the accident, as confirmed by Elke Verbeelen, a spokesperson for the Port of Antwerp. Verbeelen stated that after such incidents, independent experts conduct investigations to assess the damage and ensure the ship's safety before allowing it to sail again.

The damaged pier also faced significant consequences, leading to its closure, as noted by USA Today.

During the Baltimore incident, the Dali, chartered by Maersk, lost power and collided with the bridge, causing substantial damage and disruption. Maersk expressed deep concern and stated they were closely monitoring the situation.

WDCW uncovered multiple lawsuits against Synergy Marine, the Dali's operator, and Grace Ocean Private Ltd., its owner, both based in Singapore. These lawsuits included claims of injuries suffered by workers onboard, such as broken bones due to a snapped rope ladder and injuries from a prematurely opened hatch.

Furthermore, a Georgia longshoreman filed a suit in 2021 over a collapsed handrail, adding to the legal issues surrounding the ship.

While some suits were settled, others were dismissed, including one involving a Texas port worker reportedly pinned under metal pipes.

The frequency of these incidents and legal actions raises questions about the ship's safety record and operational practices.

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