Ted Cruz Rocks 2024 Election With Major Announcement

Ted Cruz Rocks 2024 Election With Major Announcement

Sen. Ted Cruz engaged in a heated exchange with CNN host Kaitlan Collins during her show on Wednesday, labeling her question about his willingness to accept the 2024 presidential election results as "ridiculous."

Collins posed a question that many left-wing news hosts have recently been directing at Republicans: whether they will accept the election results "no matter what," a question that can’t be definitively answered before the election takes place.

"You were the first senator to object to the votes," she noted. "In 2024, will you certify the election results? Do you plan to object, or will you accept the results regardless of who wins?"

"Kaitlan, I have to say, that's actually a ridiculous question," Cruz responded.

"It's a yes or no question," Collins interjected.

"No, it's not," Cruz replied. "Let me explain why it’s a ridiculous question. Have you ever asked a Democrat that?"

"Of course," she responded.

"Which Democrat?" Cruz inquired.

"I've been through this many times," Collins said. "You can't compare the two situations. We've discussed this before. Have you ever had a sitting president who refused to facilitate the peaceful transition of power?"

Trump did not refuse to facilitate the transition of power; he left office without incident after President Joe Biden's inauguration, a point Cruz emphasized.

"We did have a peaceful transfer of power. I was there on January 20. I witnessed the swearing-in," he stated. "Barely," Collins incorrectly asserted.

Cruz argued that it would be "absurd" to promise to accept the results in advance due to the possibility of voter fraud.

Collins pressed again: "So, my question for you again – free and fair election – will you accept the results regardless of who wins?"

"Look, if the Democrats win, I will accept the result, but I’m not going to overlook fraud," Cruz replied.

"But was there fraud in 2020?" Collins asked.

"Of course there was fraud in 2020," Cruz confirmed.

"No, there wasn’t, and you still objected," Collins countered.

While there were documented cases of fraud, the debate continues over whether it was sufficient to alter the outcome.

"I don't recall any president refusing to facilitate the transition of power," she said.

"And Trump didn't either," Cruz insisted. "Joe Biden became president."

Florida Republican Sen. Marco Rubio also received praise from Fox News host Sean Hannity this week for his handling of an interview with a liberal news anchor.

During his appearance on "Meet The Press" on Sunday, host Kristen Welker suggested that challenging election results is a practice predominantly associated with Republicans. Rubio refuted this, stating that Democrats have historically questioned election results, particularly when a GOP candidate wins the presidency.

Rubio also expressed that he would not automatically accept the 2024 election results "no matter what," indicating that his acceptance would depend on the presence of verifiable instances of fraud or other election issues.

"Republicans don’t go in prepared. And it is a hostile environment," Hannity commented. "People don’t watch those Sunday shows anymore. The days of Brinkley and [Tim] Russert are long gone. People aren’t watching those Sunday shows like they used to. I appreciate that you don’t take their nonsense."

"Well, the premise needs to be challenged," Rubio responded. "Most people have forgotten what Democrats did in the past. It’s not widely reported. There weren’t repeated interviews asking every Democrat this question."

Rubio further explained, "Currently, there are Democrats who are contemplating the idea of refusing to certify if Trump wins, citing him as an insurrectionist and thus ineligible to hold office. This could be grounds to reject the electors of these states. They are already discussing this possibility."

"So, it’s important to highlight that they should be the ones questioned about this," he concluded.

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