The 60-Second Video Every Black Person in US Needs to See Is Biden's Worst Nightmare

The 60-Second Video Every Black Person in US Needs to See Is Biden's Worst Nightmare

President Joe Biden's approval ratings among black voters have reached historically low levels for the 21st-century Democratic Party. One video from a conservative group highlights a potential reason for this decline.

The video, watermarked by Turning Point Action—a branch of Turning Point USA—was captured the day former President and likely 2024 GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump held a rally in the Bronx, New York City, during a break in his Manhattan trial.

Even Axios, typically sympathetic to liberal views, acknowledged that the rally signified a "realignment happening between the two parties." They noted that "Trump’s GOP is becoming more working class and a little more multiracial," while "Democrats are gaining with more well-educated voters in the suburbs."

“New Yorkers have something called common sense… and old fashioned common sense is exactly what I plan to bring back to the White House,” Trump said, addressing voters in the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood and pledging to “make life in New York affordable again” if he wins the presidency.

On the rally day, Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk claimed the black woman's opinion in the video was “what every honest person thinks about Donald Trump.”

After some lighthearted banter about voting for Trump because “I’m not stupid” and a playful comment on how beautiful people vote for him, the discussion turned serious.

“He’s basically representing us. And everything that they’re doing to him is what they can do to us,” she stated. “The system is broken, and he’s fighting for us. You know, so I liked his policies. I like how he says it like it is.

“And, Biden’s got to go. I’m sick of him.”

When asked what she would say to black people who argued that voting for Trump indicated she wasn't "black enough," she humorously responded, “Well, I guess I identify as a white man,” drawing laughter.

“I don’t know. I don’t care what anybody has to say,” she continued. “I’m a mother. I care about the future of my child and I care about policies, over, you know, rhetoric.”

This sentiment highlights why Democrats are worried.

Consider a Fox News poll from last autumn showing Biden leading with 74 percent to 26 percent among black voters. While this may seem strong, it is significantly lower than the 90-plus percent support Biden received from black voters in 2020.

Reflect on how many states were won by narrow margins. Now, imagine the impact if a major demographic shifted over 15 points toward Trump.

Key issues driving black voters away from Biden include inflation, which disproportionately affects working-class and poor families, and illegal immigration, which is highly unpopular among black voters. Additionally, minority communities have not shown the same outrage as the media over the legal challenges faced by the former president.

Even Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, whose district includes parts of the Bronx and who is known for her left-wing stance, relied on bad weather to reduce turnout at Trump’s rally:

Despite the weather, Trump’s popularity remained evident, showing no sign of waning.

These types of videos are what Democrats fear. More of them, please.

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