The Biden Plan to Ban Gas Cars

The Biden Plan to Ban Gas Cars

President Joe Biden's administration has faced criticism over its approach to new tailpipe emissions rules, with many arguing that the regulations are effectively a ban on the sale of new gas-powered cars and trucks.

Despite efforts to portray the rule as expanding "consumer choice," Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan's recent statement regarding the regulation's flexibility was met with skepticism. The rule sets stringent limits on carbon tailpipe emissions, essentially requiring 67% of cars and trucks sold to be electric vehicles (EVs) to meet the emissions standards. Car manufacturers that exceed the limit face substantial fines, signaling a clear message from the EPA to transition away from gasoline vehicles.

Biden initially proposed an even more aggressive phaseout of gasoline cars, aiming for 60% electric by 2030 and 67% by 2032. However, these targets were adjusted following concerns from auto unions about feasibility.

While EV sales have seen growth, boosted by federal tax credits, they have also encountered challenges. Issues such as reduced battery range in cold weather or heavy loads, along with limited and often unreliable charging infrastructure, have contributed to concerns among drivers.

As more people experience EVs firsthand, opposition to phasing out gas-powered vehicles has increased. A recent Pew survey showed a rise in opposition, with 59% of adults now against the ban on gas-powered vehicles compared to 51% in the previous year.

This shift reflects a desire among drivers to have the freedom to choose the vehicles they prefer, highlighting ongoing debates about the future of automotive technology and consumer preferences.

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