The Palace 'Lied' About Princess Kate's Diagnosis; Media Helped Cover It Up, According to Prince Harry's Pal

The Palace 'Lied' About Princess Kate's Diagnosis; Media Helped Cover It Up, According to Prince Harry's Pal

Following a video released by Catherine, Princess of Wales, revealing her battle with cancer, a storm of controversy and conspiracy theories has erupted within royal circles, accompanied by accusations of deception at the palace.

The princess underwent abdominal surgery in January, leading to an announcement that she would be absent from her usual duties until Easter. However, as weeks passed without any public appearances, speculations began to escalate. Various theories emerged, ranging from marital issues to the use of body doubles and speculations about a serious illness.

Adding fuel to the fire was a poorly edited photo of the princess and her children released on Britain’s Mother’s Day, for which Kate took responsibility, inadvertently intensifying the speculation surrounding the princess's health. Finally, on Friday, Kate addressed the public directly, confirming her cancer diagnosis.

Despite this revelation, the controversy and accusations of deception persist, as reported by the New York Post.

Christopher Bouzy, a technology entrepreneur aligned with Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, expressed his views on social media, stating, “The palace lied, and the British press happily helped them lie. The countless ‘conspiracy theory’ headlines, while knowing a lot of what was being said was true.”

In response to a video and photo of Kate and William, Prince of Wales, at a fresh fruit stand, Bouzy remarked, “This is what we Americans call staged. But let’s call it a publicity stunt to make you feel happy,” implying skepticism about the authenticity of the public appearance.

BBC reporter Sonja McLaughlan also weighed in on the controversy surrounding the photo and video, expressing concerns about media reporting. She criticized headlines that presented the footage as factual, even though it was allegedly not the princess in the video. McLaughlan's comments, originally shared on social media, have since been made private.

McLaughlan speculated about the possibility of using lookalikes, suggesting that an actor could have been used to portray William and a “lookalike” for Kate during the public appearance in Windsor, as reported by the Telegraph.

On the other hand, Paddy Harverson, a former Kensington Palace representative, defended the royal family, emphasizing their humanity amidst the media scrutiny. Harverson stated, “This is not just an institution, it’s a family. … You also have to remember they’re human beings.”

He further discussed the negative impact of social media criticism, describing it as a "permanent doom loop" that exacerbates the situation.

In summary, the ongoing controversy and speculations surrounding Princess Catherine's health and public appearances reflect broader tensions within the royal family and media scrutiny over authenticity and transparency.

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