Top Actor Viciously Attacked While Walking Through NYC: Report

Top Actor Viciously Attacked While Walking Through NYC: Report

Last week, Steve Buscemi, widely recognized for his roles in HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" and various films, found himself subjected to a sudden, brutal assault in New York City.

The incident unfolded shortly before noon, under the glaring daylight, contributing to a distressing surge in unprovoked street assaults across the city and reinforcing the unsettling perception that Manhattan's safety is on the decline.

Remarkably, the streets of the city no longer offer sanctuary even to a renowned actor.

As reported by the New York Post, Buscemi, aged 66, sustained facial swelling and injury to his left eye, necessitating treatment at Bellevue Hospital.

The perpetrator fled the scene and remained at large as of Sunday, according to the Post.

"He is okay and grateful for everyone's support, although deeply saddened that such incidents occur while navigating the streets of New York," conveyed Buscemi's publicist in a statement to the Post.

Buscemi's assault joins a string of recent incidents involving public figures in New York City.

On March 31, Michael Stuhlbarg, 55, Buscemi's co-star known for his portrayal of gangster Arnold Rothstein in "Boardwalk Empire," was struck in the neck with a rock by a vagrant while jogging on the Upper East Side.

Thankfully, Stuhlbarg emerged from the ordeal with minor injuries.

Merely three days earlier, on March 28, reality TV personality Bethenny Frankel recounted through a TikTok video a disturbing encounter where she was physically assaulted by a man while visiting a bakery in the city.

The former "Real Housewives of New York City" star, deeply shaken by the random attack, abruptly terminated her plans to view apartments, reportedly lamenting, "This city is insane."

In 2020, amid the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, actor Rick Moranis, famed for his role in "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," was assaulted by a stranger on Central Park West, near his residence, during the early hours of the morning.

Moranis endured pain in his head, back, and hip and sought medical attention before reporting the incident to law enforcement.

Beyond public figures, ordinary citizens are also falling victim to an escalating crime wave in the city.

On May 1, Kashaan Parks was apprehended in the Bronx after allegedly using his belt to restrain and assault an unidentified woman.

"He choked me with a belt because he wanted to demand sex with me in exchange for money. And I said no, and I kept moving. So he grabbed from behind with a choking belt and dragged me to the ground over there by the cars and raped me," disclosed the victim, who opted to remain anonymous, to WNBC-TV.

The assault was purportedly captured on surveillance footage near East 152nd Street and Third Avenue.

Parks faces multiple charges, including rape and assault, as law enforcement continues their inquiry while the victim recuperates and advocates for others to avoid similar harrowing experiences.

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