Travis Kelce Thrown Under the Bus, Exposed by Comedian

Travis Kelce Thrown Under the Bus, Exposed by Comedian

If an intrepid internet explorer stumbles upon the 2019 podcast featuring comedian Andrew Santino and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, they may encounter a peculiar sight.

Throughout the hour-long episode, a prominent Kansas City Chiefs logo strategically conceals a certain area of Kelce's anatomy from public view, a sight that has remained largely unseen by the masses, save perhaps for pop icon Taylor Swift and Kelce's girlfriend.

While some may be left to ponder what lies beneath the logo, Santino recently shared on the "New Heights" show, as reported by TMZ, that while the visual may spark curiosity, it's probably best left to the imagination.

Kelce had joined the podcast on a day when his fashion choices leaned towards shorts, sans the customary undergarments, as he candidly admitted during the show.

However, when the podcast's editor noticed the potential wardrobe malfunction, Santino opted against reshooting the episode. Instead, they opted to cover the exposed area with the Chiefs logo, seizing the opportunity for a lighthearted moment.

Recounting the incident, Santino humorously described his exchange with the editor, highlighting the decision to use the logo as a quick fix.

Amidst the laughter, Jason Kelce, Travis's brother, jokingly remarked on the necessity of wearing underwear.

Despite the mishap, Santino teased that the original footage might one day become a valuable commodity, while reassuring Kelce that the unedited version would remain securely stored away, according to TMZ.

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