Trump Announces Massive New Plan - He's Doing It!

Trump Announces Massive New Plan - He's Doing It!

The former president announced that his company will initiate a new project abroad next year, suggesting that the Trump empire is flourishing more than ever.

According to CNN, the Trump Organization revealed on Monday its intention to build a new Trump Tower in Saudi Arabia, highlighting luxurious amenities for the country's affluent residents. This new tower, planned for the popular port city of Jeddah, which houses nearly four million people, is being developed in partnership with the major developer Dar Al Arkan under the Dar Global brand.

“We are thrilled to expand our footprint in the Middle East and bring the Trump standard of luxury to the region through our long-standing relationship with Dar Global,” Eric Trump, executive vice president of the Trump Organization and son of former president Donald Trump, stated in the announcement. Dar Global mentioned that the project would cater to the “luxury Saudi Arabian market and international investors.”

The sudden announcement follows a previous declaration that Dar Global and the Trump Organization would collaborate on a $500 million Trump International hotel complex in Oman, a relatively peaceful Middle Eastern country bordering Saudi Arabia. The five-star hotel, set to be completed in 2028, will include a golf course, nightclub, and members-only club. Dar Al Arkan confirmed to the publication that the Trump name and logo will be prominently displayed on the property.

Watchdog organizations have identified these pending projects as potential conflict sources if President Trump were to secure another four-year term.

“The Trump Organization’s continued pursuit of foreign business projects raises perilous national security, corruption and constitutional concerns,” Donald K. Sherman, senior vice president and chief counsel at the Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington (CREW), told CNN in a statement. “This is particularly true of their development in Saudi Arabia, whose government has a long history of apparently seeking to influence Donald Trump. If Trump were to return to the presidency, he would likely violate the Foreign Emoluments Clause of the Constitution, as he did repeatedly in his first term in office.”

CREW previously found that President Trump earned at least $9.6 million in revenue from his Middle East properties during his four years in office. The Republican has abstained from engaging in the Trump Organization’s daily operations, leaving his sons, Eric Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., to determine the best strategies for the family brand.

Considering a legal ruling in New York state earlier this year that the Trump Organization artificially inflated the value of its assets to secure favorable loan terms with banks, the timing of the announcement is opportune. President Trump, who attended most of the trial, has accused state Attorney General Letitia James of unjustly targeting him and trying to dismantle the company he inherited from his father.

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