Trump Calls Out Israel's 'Very Big Mistake' Made During Gaza Conflict - 'You're Losing a Lot of Support'

Trump Calls Out Israel's 'Very Big Mistake' Made During Gaza Conflict - 'You're Losing a Lot of Support'

"Time is not on Israel’s side as images from Gaza bolster opposition to the war on Hamas," former President Donald Trump remarked in an extensive interview with Israel Hayom. Trump, known for his outspoken views on international affairs, discussed the complexities of Israel's military actions following the Oct. 7 massacre perpetrated by Hamas, juxtaposed against the global perception of ongoing violence in Gaza.

The conversation delved into recent diplomatic developments, including the UN Security Council's resolution calling for a ceasefire in Israel, a move that garnered attention due to the United States' decision to abstain from the vote. This abstention, seen as a departure from traditional U.S. support for Israel in such forums, prompted reactions from Israeli leadership, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceling a planned visit by key advisers to the U.S.

Trump's insights extended to the broader context of Israel's international standing, pointing out the impact of media coverage and visual narratives depicting the devastation in Gaza. He emphasized the need for Israel to navigate the delicate balance between military objectives and global perceptions, urging a swift resolution to the conflict to avoid further erosion of support on the world stage.

The interview also touched on domestic political dynamics, with Trump referencing criticisms leveled against Netanyahu by U.S. leaders such as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Trump noted the divisions within the U.S. political landscape regarding attitudes toward Israel, attributing some of the negativity to progressive voices within the Democratic Party, including figures like Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

In his characteristic style, Trump did not shy away from critiquing the current U.S. administration, particularly President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. He expressed skepticism about their leadership abilities and their approach to supporting Israel, raising concerns about potential shifts in U.S. foreign policy that could impact Israel's security and strategic interests.

The interview provided a comprehensive view of Trump's perspectives on the ongoing conflict in the Middle East, highlighting the intricacies of international relations and the challenges faced by Israel in navigating diplomatic, military, and public relations dimensions simultaneously.

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