Trump Forced to Cancel Rally, 'Devastated' by What's Coming - 'I'm So Sorry ... God Be with You'

Trump Forced to Cancel Rally, 'Devastated' by What's Coming - 'I'm So Sorry ... God Be with You'

Facing the thunder and lightning of a Trump rally, former President Donald Trump called off his Wilmington, North Carolina, rally on Saturday due to inclement weather, sending his supporters home with a message of safety.

Trump spoke to his supporters over the phone to share the news.

"As you can see there’s some very bad weather heading in," Trump remarked.

"We’re flying in in a few minutes, but they really would prefer that we not come in because there’s a certain danger to all of this, and we want to make sure everybody is safe, above all. And so they’ve asked us to ask people to leave the site and seek shelter," he explained.

"We’ll make up for this very quickly at another time. We’ll do it as quick as possible. I’m devastated that this could happen, but we want to keep everybody safe. That’s the most important thing," Trump emphasized.

Acknowledging the thunder and lightning in the area, Trump remarked, "So if you don’t mind, I think we’re going to have to just do a rain check."

Expressing his disappointment, Trump said, "I’m so sad. I’m in North Carolina right now and waiting to go in, but they’re saying the weather is really getting bad. Really, really getting bad."

"I’m so sorry," Trump expressed. "But we’ll do it again, and we’ll do it bigger and better. You have my promise."

Trump concluded by thanking those who had gathered, saying, "God be with you."

The rally served as Trump’s diversion from the ongoing trial in a Manhattan courtroom where he faces charges of falsifying business records.

Katherine Huey, 25, suggested that if the trial went unfavorably for Trump, "people would rally behind him," as reported by the Wilmington Star News.

"It would kind of show more people that our government is corrupt, and they’re trying to take down the Republican party any which way they can," she commented.

Cindy Cortese, 72, who traveled from Washington state to attend the rally, deemed the trial "frivolous" and "very political," as per Politico.

Should the verdict be unfavorable for Trump, she stated, "We’ll vote for him anyway."

"People are angry right now, and they’ll just be more angry," Cortese added. "Because eventually, the truth will come out."

Christian Armstrong of Wilmington called the trial "political persecution, and if it were anybody else, he wouldn’t have to be dealing with it," as reported by WTVD.

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