Trump Gets HUGE News From SCOTUS Following Unprecedented Guilty Verdict

Trump Gets HUGE News From SCOTUS Following Unprecedented Guilty Verdict

During the weekend, Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz provided insights on how former President Donald Trump might secure a swift review of his Manhattan hush money conviction by the U.S. Supreme Court.

Trump and his legal team, following his Thursday conviction on 34 felony counts, announced their intention to file an expedited appeal. Dershowitz suggested that the case could potentially be reviewed by the highest court in the land before the presidential election, as noted by The Epoch Times.

Legal experts cited by the publication highlighted that typically, all appeals must be exhausted within New York's state court system before reaching the Supreme Court.

However, there are discussions about possibly accelerating this process.

In light of allegations of political bias and claims of unfairness throughout the trial, there have been calls for the Supreme Court to intervene sooner, bypassing the usual state appeals.

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) exemplified this by stating that the conviction should be overturned by the Supreme Court. He argued that the circumstances surrounding the case have eroded public trust in the American legal system.

Johnson and other critics claim that the lawsuit was a covert attempt to damage Trump’s public image and diminish his electoral prospects. They assert that for justice to be perceived as fair, the Supreme Court should have an opportunity to review the case before the November elections.

Dershowitz discussed the matter with podcaster Megyn Kelly on Friday, explaining how the Supreme Court might address the case earlier than usual.

The former professor advised Trump’s lawyers to expedite their appeal to the New York Court of Appeals, the highest state court in New York, which hears cases before they proceed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

He noted, however, that appeals to this court are not guaranteed and usually require permission from either the New York Court of Appeals itself or the Appellate Division of the New York Supreme Court.

“He should make an appeal to the New York Court of Appeals asking them to bypass the Appellate Division because he’s not going to get justice in the Appellate Division,” Dershowitz remarked, explaining that those judges are elected and may be more concerned about public backlash if they rule in favor of Trump.

“The Appellate Division or Manhattan judges that are elected and they don’t want to have to face their families and say you were the judge who allowed Trump to become the next President of the United States. They don’t want to be Dershowitz’ed,” he said, referencing the backlash he faced after defending Trump during his first impeachment trial.

“They don’t want to be treated in New York, the way I have been treated in Martha’s Vineyard and Harvard and New York because I defended Donald Trump, so they should skip the Appellate Division,” he continued.

Dershowitz recommended that Trump’s legal team file a direct appeal to New York’s highest court, seeking an expedited process to bring their case before the Supreme Court.

“Go to the New York Court of Appeals, ask for an expedited appeal. In the meantime, prepare for an expedited appeal in the United States Supreme Court and say that this was a rush to try to get this case, a verdict of conviction before the election, and the Supreme Court of the United States has an obligation to review this case before the election so that the American public knows whether or not Donald Trump is guilty or not guilty of these made up crimes,” Dershowitz stated.

According to Dershowitz, Trump’s legal team should argue two points: 1) the state’s highest court recently overturned Harvey Weinstein’s rape conviction due to the trial judge’s prejudicial allowance of unrelated testimony, and 2) the judge allegedly failed to properly instruct the jury regarding why prosecutors did not call former Trump Organization CFO Alan Weisselberg to testify.

Weisselberg’s testimony could have challenged the prosecution’s main witness, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen.

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