Trump Gets Massive Supreme Court Win

Trump Gets Massive Supreme Court Win

The recent developments continue to challenge the establishment's status quo with bitterness, corruption, and desperation evident.

Following former President Donald Trump's decisive victory over establishment figure Nikki Haley in the Michigan Republican presidential primary, the Supreme Court announced its intention to hear arguments regarding Trump's claim of presidential immunity from criminal prosecution, as reported by NBC.

Trump welcomed this decision via a post on the social media platform Truth Social, expressing gratitude for the Court's attention to the issue of Presidential Immunity.

However, skepticism arose regarding the true intentions of legal scholars and experts, many of whom have been accused of exhibiting biases against Trump, potentially preferring his conviction over legal clarity.

Trump articulated a compelling case for presidential immunity, highlighting the importance of protecting presidents from wrongful prosecution and retaliation post-office, citing the potential for extortion and blackmail targeting sitting presidents without such immunity.

SCOTUS signaled its willingness to address the question of a former president's immunity from criminal prosecution, particularly concerning alleged official acts during their tenure.

The announcement dealt a setback to Jack Smith, who, masquerading as a legitimate special counsel, had pursued an indictment against Trump related to the Capitol incursion of January 6, 2021. Smith's urgency for a speedy verdict was evident in his court filings, expressing concern about the delay due to SCOTUS's intervention.

The trial, initially scheduled by U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan for March, vanished from the court docket as Trump pursued his appeal based on immunity.

Smith's case against Trump revolves around the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election, raising questions about the election process and censorship of dissenting views on social media platforms.

While Trump's immediate reaction was one of satisfaction, recognizing any setback for figures like Smith and Chutkan as positive news, the broader issue of election integrity remains unresolved. The pervasive nature of censorship and manipulation within the establishment calls for a more comprehensive effort to challenge and dismantle these systems of control.

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