Trump Gives Shocking Response to 'Genocide Joe' Chant at Rally

Trump Gives Shocking Response to 'Genocide Joe' Chant at Rally

Former President Donald Trump made waves on social media with his response to allegations that President Joe Biden is endorsing "genocide" in Gaza.

During a campaign event in Schnecksville, Pennsylvania, attendees chanted "Genocide Joe!" Trump acknowledged their chant, stating, “They’re not wrong,” and later added, “He’s done everything wrong.”

Trump's comments sparked confusion regarding his stance on Biden's support for Israel amid the conflict with Hamas in Gaza. The chant "Genocide Joe" suggests Biden's complicity in a supposed "genocide" of Palestinians.

This chant has been used by pro-Palestine protesters critical of Biden's unwavering support for Israel, as noted by The Washington Post.

Despite the controversy, Trump reiterated his support for Israel, stating on his Truth Social platform, “AMERICA SUPPORTS ISRAEL!”

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