Trump Has Very Bad News for Prince Harry

Trump Has Very Bad News for Prince Harry

Former President Donald Trump has expressed that Prince Harry should not receive preferential treatment regarding the truthfulness of his visa application's drug use disclosures.

This issue arises from Prince Harry's candid revelations about his past drug use in his memoir, "Spare," as reported by GB News.

The Heritage Foundation has initiated legal action demanding the publication of Harry's visa application to ascertain whether he was honest about his drug history. This move comes amidst resistance from the Biden administration to disclose the application details.

A federal judge, on March 7, mandated the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to present the documents in question to the court by March 21 to determine their eligibility for public release, as detailed by Newsweek.

During an interview set to be broadcast in the UK, Trump remarked to Nigel Farage on the GB News network that any falsehoods by Prince Harry regarding drug use on his visa application should lead to "appropriate action" without special concessions due to his status.

Trump has consistently maintained a critical stance on the issue, previously stating to the Daily Express that he perceives Harry's actions as a betrayal to the Queen and that he would not offer him protection.

The DHS has requested an additional two weeks, extending the deadline to April 4, to comply with the court's request for Harry's visa application records, as mentioned in the U.K. Daily Mirror.

The debate is highlighted by Nile Gardner, of the Heritage Foundation, who emphasizes the broader implications of potential leniency towards Prince Harry, suggesting it could reflect a systemic bias favoring celebrities or politically connected individuals in U.S. immigration policies.

Gardner's commentary points to the seriousness with which the U.S. treats illegal drug use among visa applicants and suggests that Harry's case could reveal whether equal standards are applied to all, regardless of their public status or influence.

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