Trump Just Got Monumental 2024 News He Was Waiting For

Trump Just Got Monumental 2024 News He Was Waiting For

According to recent surveys, the "majority of Americans" believe that "former President Donald Trump," rather than an "increasingly weak-looking Joe Biden," can better handle "the issues that matter most" to them "going into the November election."

For example, a "recent NBC News survey" revealed that the majority of voters' main concerns going into the election are "inflation" and "personal financial matters." Most respondents think that Trump would be more qualified than the current president to deal with this issue.

When asked which candidate they would rather see handle "the issue of growing costs," "52% of respondents" said Trump rather than Biden. Even though "inflation" has become a signature of Biden's administration, only "thirty percent of likely voters" stated they thought he could handle the issue more effectively.

"Fox News" also mentioned:

"The survey also found that the crisis at the southern border is the second most important issue to voters," another area where Biden was found to trail Trump.

When asked about their opinion of the president's handling of "immigration" and "the crisis at the border," "a whopping 69% of respondents" said they disapprove of Biden's handling of the crisis.

Regarding respondents' current opinions of Trump's handling of "the immigration situation," no question was asked in the April NBC poll. But according to "an NBC survey conducted in January," "57% of participants" supported the former president's strategy on the border, while only "22% supported Biden's."

Nevertheless, the survey also revealed that "Trump would only defeat Biden by 2 points," "46% to 44%," if the election were to take place today.

"The results are the most recent in a string of polling that shows voters are not only most worried about the border and rising costs, but that they trust Trump to be the best presidential candidate to handle the issues," "Fox" noted. "Recent Fox News statewide surveys in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin mirrored the results that Trump is the preferred candidate to handle the issues of immigration and the economy over Biden."

Furthermore, according to "a recent Axios/Ipsos survey," "42% of Latino voters" believed that Trump would be good for "the economy," while only "20% thought the same about Biden." When it came to "immigration," "29% of Latino respondents" gave Trump a favorable rating, while "22% gave Biden a higher rating."

When discussing the survey results on Sunday, "NBC's Steve Kornacki" and "Meet the Press host Kristen Welker" expressed some astonishment at the network's response.

"We talk about the erosion for Biden, and now you start to see it. Look at these numbers," "Kornacki" said while reacting to the latest survey.

When questioned about the respondents' physical and emotional wellbeing, Trump also did well. When it came to "Trump's cognitive capacity," "45 percent of respondents" were more confident in him than in Biden ("20 percent of respondents" supported Biden).

Of those surveyed, "47% chose Trump" and "36% chose Biden" as the candidate who was the most "competent and effective." When "we conducted a poll on this topic in 2020," the results were essentially the complete opposite. "Kornacki" pointed out that Biden had a roughly "10-point lead" over Trump, which caused "Welker" to exclaim, "Wow!"

"And again, same with handling a crisis. Biden had the edge over Trump. And how about this? It's the former president, the current president. We don't really see matchups like this. Well, now we can measure it," "Kornacki" continued.

Those surveyed also chose Trump over Biden when asked which of the two had a better record as president.

"And again, Trump outpacing Biden on that front. And again, you've got to mention this one too. Necessary mental and physical health. We asked this four years ago. It was a wash. It's now a clear liability for Joe Biden," "Kornacki" told viewers. "So these are all troubling numbers for Biden."

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