Trump Makes Genius Legal Maneuver — Case Could Be Dismissed!

Trump Makes Genius Legal Maneuver — Case Could Be Dismissed!

Former President Donald Trump’s legal team has filed a motion to dismiss Special Counsel Jack Smith’s case involving secret information, citing selective prosecution.

Trump’s attorneys argue that several public officials, including President Biden, former FBI Director James Comey, and Hillary Clinton, engaged in similar behavior without facing prosecution.

In a court filing obtained by veteran reporter Julie Kelly, Trump’s legal team stated, “President Donald J. Trump respectfully submits that the indictment must be dismissed on the basis of selective prosecution.”

The filing references a report by Special Counsel Robert Hur, who investigated President Biden’s mishandling of secret materials. Hur’s report revealed that Biden kept records in various locations, including his garage in Delaware, a legal office in Boston, and a former Penn-Biden center office in Philadelphia.

Despite these findings, no criminal charges have been brought against Biden, except for Trump, who has faced multiple charges based on similar actions.

“The exception is President Trump. The basis is his politics and status as President Biden’s chief political rival. Thus, this case reflects the type of selective and vindictive prosecution that cannot be tolerated,” the filing continued.

The document also lists other instances of public officials mishandling classified material without facing charges and demands the dismissal of Smith’s superseding indictment, which accuses Trump of impeding NARA’s investigation.

“Finally, the unproven obstruction allegations by the Special Counsel’s Office cannot save this prosecution. Hillary Clinton and her colleagues deleted 31,830 emails and destroyed data on numerous electronic devices, including after a congressional preservation order,” Trump’s legal team wrote.

The filing also mentions Comey’s use of a private scanner and personal email account to transmit classified documents and Sandy Berger’s admission to stealing and destroying classified documents, none of which resulted in charges under the Espionage Act or prosecution for obstruction.

Julie Kelly previously suggested that Judge Cannon may dismiss the case due to selective prosecution. “There is a chance she dismisses the case based on selective/vindictive prosecution—which she hinted at during a hearing last month,” Kelly said, noting the release of unsealed documents and court filings. “Part of me also thinks she wants this to go to trial to expose just how dirty the case is and force Jack Smith to own it.”

Currently, the Biden DOJ and left-leaning district attorneys in heavily Democratic cities are accusing Trump of 91 felonies.

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