Trump 'Seriously' Considering Surprising Candidate For VP - Sure To Cause Outrage!

Trump 'Seriously' Considering Surprising Candidate For VP - Sure To Cause Outrage!

According to insiders close to Trump, a new figure is rising as another falls, with the former president reportedly shifting his focus to a former rival after causing setbacks for another.

Sources speaking to Politico suggest a shift in the criteria for selecting a vice presidential candidate. Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, once a strong contender for the ticket and a staunch ally of former President Donald Trump, saw her prospects diminish following the release of an autobiography where she boasts of euthanizing an untrainable puppy. Now, Trump appears to be considering her neighbor from North Dakota.

Reports indicate that Trump has included Governor Doug Burgum, a multimillionaire who ran an unsuccessful and largely self-financed presidential campaign, on his shortlist for vice president.

Initially surprising given North Dakota's consistently Republican stance and minimal three electoral votes, Burgum has impressed with his fundraising prowess and expertise in energy, economics, and foreign policy—qualities that appeal to the outgoing president.

Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND), a GOP member, expressed initial surprise at his governor's candidacy but acknowledged Burgum's serious consideration, praising his unwavering support for Trump despite ongoing legal issues.

Additionally, Burgum's relatively moderate stance during his short-lived presidential bid in December could aid Trump in appealing to swing-state moderates.

"Nobody has played their cards better since the primary," remarked Scott Jennings, a former political adviser to President George W. Bush, highlighting Burgum's potential VP appeal as a wealthy fundraiser aligned with Trump's vision.

An unnamed source close to the Trump campaign revealed Burgum's proactive support, noting his efforts in fundraising, attending finance meetings, recruiting new donors, and campaigning for Trump in various states.

With a personal fortune amassed from selling his software company to Microsoft in 2001, Burgum brings a network of affluent contacts, earning favor with Trump's advisors for his low-key approach amid a crowded field of candidates struggling for attention.

Described as drama-free and loyal, Burgum contrasts favorably with Noem, whose vice presidential hopes have faltered. Burgum's commitment to respectful dialogue and avoidance of conflict on stage during the campaign resonates with Trump's confrontational style.

Trump's invitation to Burgum to join him and his family for Easter in April underscores the seriousness with which the former president regards the governor's potential role, signaling a significant development in the VP selection process. Among the attendees were Barron Trump and Melania Trump, both actively involved in the campaign.

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