Trump Shuts Up Nasty Reporter With Epic 4-Word Answer

Trump Shuts Up Nasty Reporter With Epic 4-Word Answer

In a press conference held after the New York appellate court’s ruling on Monday to lower the needed bond from an originally intimidating $454 million to a far more doable $175 million, former President Donald Trump displayed his trademark humor.

In answer to a reporter’s inquiry regarding the possibility of contributing personal funds to his campaign—something he hasn’t done since 2016—Trump demonstrated his financial judgment and may have given away some information about his future political plans.

'Do you intend to put some of that into the campaign now that the bond’s been reduced? Are you going to start putting money into your campaign?' the reporter asked.

'Well, first of all, it’s none of your business,' Trump hilariously retorted. 'But I might. I might do that. I might do that. I have the option.'

Trump, who has been outspoken about the excessive pressure and financial burden the litigation has placed on him, will benefit from the court victory. It also comes at a pivotal moment, giving the former president further flexibility in overseeing his financial holdings, which comprise a sizeable portion of liquid assets.

Trump had previously voiced worries about the financial strain that the initial bail sum would place on him, implying that having to pay such a demand would necessitate a painful 'fire sale' of his properties.

The Internet erupted in response:

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