Trump Wins 5 Primaries — Election Results from Last Night, for All States

Trump Wins 5 Primaries — Election Results from Last Night, for All States

Former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden have emerged victorious in their respective primaries in Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio, as projected by Decision Desk HQ.

"Trump is also expected to secure the win in the Florida Republican primary," the report noted. Meanwhile, Florida Democrats opted to forego their primary and allocate all 224 delegates to Biden, a common practice for parties with an incumbent seeking reelection.

Five states conducted presidential primaries on Tuesday, further solidifying support for Biden and Trump as they cement their positions as the presumptive nominees of their parties. These primaries took place in Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Kansas, and Ohio.

In Ohio, Trump-backed candidate Bernie Moreno secured the Republican nomination for Senate, setting up a showdown with incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown in November, according to Decision Desk HQ's projections.

"Moreno, a former car dealership owner and father-in-law of Rep. Max Miller, R-Ohio, emerged victorious in a competitive primary that intensified in the final days," the report detailed.

Despite facing legal challenges, Trump maintained his lead in the GOP race, ultimately becoming the presumptive nominee as other contenders dropped out, including former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

On the Democratic side, Biden faced limited opposition, with Rep. Dean Phillips, D-Minn., recently suspending his campaign. However, a lesser-known candidate, Jason Palmer, gained three delegates from voters in American Samoa.

"Biden also encountered a movement among voters opting for 'uncommitted,' aiming to send delegates to the convention without binding them to a specific candidate," the article highlighted.

See results for the various states as polls close:

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