Tucker Carlson Just Made It Official With Monumental Announcement!

Tucker Carlson Just Made It Official With Monumental Announcement!

Since his interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this year, which garnered millions of viewers, Tucker Carlson has been expanding his media ventures.

The former Fox News host is reportedly launching his own show on a state-run Russian television network, as noted by Newsweek. Local media reports indicate that the first episode of this new show on Russia 24 is now available online.

According to Rossiskya Gazyeta, Carlson's channel, Tucker Carlson Network, is collaborating on a project where the conservative commentator will interview influential figures and politicians with “alternative views to the mainstream.”

The liberal outlet The Daily Beast mocked this announcement, highlighting that much of the show “Tucker. Rossiya 24” consists of Carlson's interviews from his own shows on X and his website, but with a Russian voiceover. Under the chyron “ticks–nuclear weapons for the poor,” Carlson discusses his theory about Lyme disease being a “bioweapon” in the latest episode. The premiere of this episode for American viewers occurred on May 10.

Additional content on the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company website shows clips of Carlson praising Russia, criticizing Ukraine, and generally aligning with Putin's perspectives. During a February visit to the Kremlin, Carlson condemned the American media for not considering Putin’s viewpoint, accusing mainstream outlets of backing Ukraine while bipartisan war hawks push for continuous funding of the conflict with Russia. The show's description states that Carlson “has actively criticized U.S. authorities for helping Ukraine since the start of the [war].” Additionally, the publication notes that Carlson has been added to a well-known database of “enemies of Ukraine.”

In February, Carlson gave Russia 24 extensive access for an interview where President Putin accused the U.S. of sabotaging a domestic oil pipeline between Russia and Germany in 2022. Carlson had previously denied any knowledge of Russia 24’s plans to air his content domestically.

“Did you have evidence that NATO or CIA did it?” Carlson inquired. Putin responded, “You know, I won’t get into details, but people always say in such cases, look for someone who is interested. But in this case, we should not only look for someone who is interested, but also for someone who has capabilities, because there may be many people interested but not all of them are capable of sinking to the bottom of the Baltic Sea and carrying out this explosion. These two components should be connected.”

Putin expressed surprise that Carlson hadn’t taken a more aggressive approach during the interview.

“To be honest, I thought he would be more aggressive and ask tough questions,” Putin remarked about the two-hour interview. “I was just not prepared for that. I wanted that, because it would have given me the opportunity to respond sharply. Which, in my opinion, would have added certain specificity to the conversation,” he added.

“But he chose a different tactic.”

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