Tucker Carlson Makes Must See Announcement

Tucker Carlson Makes Must See Announcement

Former Fox News personality Tucker Carlson, who has a reputation for accurately predicting various events, has made a grim forecast about the 2024 presidential election, catching significant attention.

At a recent gathering, Carlson noted that nearly everyone he's interacted with recently is feeling “angry and paranoid.” He stressed that these are not conspiracy theorists but ordinary people voicing their concerns about the nation's current state.

“I flew out here across the country this morning and spent five hours texting people … and I gotta tell you, every single person I texted, except my wife — who’s not on the internet at all — was angry and paranoid,” Carlson shared.

“Seriously, and these are not crazy people. These are normal good people with like kids and stuff. With a vested interest in Americans’ success. These are not the burn-it-down caucus. These are the, you know, these are the people you want voting,” he continued.

Carlson went on to assert that, based on his “assessment” of these sentiments, he believes they are entirely valid. He pointed to the growing unease in the U.S., predicting it might escalate as the nation moves into a heated election period next year.

“And I have to say, after assessing their views for five hours, I think they were justified in both. They had every reason to be angry and all the evidence required to become paranoid,” Carlson remarked. “I’m just telling you once again, what you already know, which is, this is going to be — the next year is going to be, I think I’d bet my house on it, really like nothing we’ve ever seen in the country. And everyone can kind of feel that. You know, most of our perceptions come through intuition rather than reason.”

“But if you’re close to your dog, you know, the dog knows exactly what’s going on … they just watch and they feel. And people are very much the same. And if something bad is about to happen, everybody gets jumpy. And everybody’s really jumpy right now,” Carlson observed.

Carlson provided some “suggestions” for the coming months, underscoring the importance of staying informed about political events. He mentioned President Joe Biden’s cognitive state and the legal issues facing former President Donald Trump. Additionally, Carlson highlighted ongoing societal debates, such as those around gender ideology, as areas needing attention.

“Your gut is the one thing that doesn’t lie to you. Your gut only has your interest in mind. It is not trying to sell you a product or convince you to vote for it,” he noted.

“If you feel like you’re being lied to, you’re 100 percent right — you are being lied to. And if you feel like something very intense in history is about to happen, don’t ignore it. Don’t panic. There’s no profit in that, you can’t control it — you’re not in charge of history,” Carlson added, pointing out that similar political turbulence is occurring worldwide, particularly in the West.

“You’ve got two people running for president — one of them is literally senile,” Carlson commented, suggesting that Biden is not in charge at the White House. “Yet he’s standing for reelection at the age of 80.”

Carlson then discussed Trump’s legal challenges: “Every time he gets indicted and every time they tack years onto this potential sentence, he becomes more popular — and now he’s winning.”

“Nothing that is happening now or that has happened for the last five or six years can be explained through conventional political terms,” he concluded.

Earlier this month, Carlson responded to speculation that Trump might consider him as a running mate, indicating his lack of interest in the role.

“But serving in politics with anybody, I mean, that’s just– that’s a– it’s a lot for me to think about because I just don’t think I’m really suited for that. Would anyone want to see a guy like me run for office?” he told former Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly on her SiriusXM podcast.

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