Two Bidens Referred for Criminal Prosecution

Two Bidens Referred for Criminal Prosecution

On Wednesday, House Republicans sent criminal referrals for James and Hunter Biden to the U.S. Department of Justice, alleging that both lied to Congress during their testimony in the impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden.

In a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland and DOJ special counsel David Weiss, Representatives James Comer of Kentucky, Jim Jordan of Ohio, and Jason Smith of Missouri stated that “Hunter Biden and James Biden made materially false statements” under oath.

The letter highlighted that each instance of false testimony “implicates Joe Biden’s knowledge of and role in his family’s influence peddling.”

The chairs of the Oversight and Accountability, Judiciary, and Ways and Means committees connected the alleged false statements to earnings the Biden family received from overseas.

The congressmen claimed that the testimony by James and Hunter Biden regarding the money, which they described as part of the family’s “influence peddling” operation, was “provably false.”

“The Committees attach to this letter a referral for criminal charges against Hunter Biden and James Biden, under 18 U.S.C. § 1001 (false statements), and, additionally, for Hunter Biden under 18 U.S.C. § 1621 (perjury),” the letter stated.

“As the attached referral shows, Hunter Biden and James Biden made provably false statements to the Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee about key aspects of the impeachment inquiry, in what appears to be a conscious effort to hinder the investigation’s focus on President Joe Biden.”

The letter accused Hunter Biden of lying about his connection to a business he allegedly used to channel money from international deals.

“Hunter Biden made additional false statements as to whether he held positions at Rosemont Seneca Bohai, LLC. After deposing Hunter Biden, the Committees obtained documents showing Hunter Biden represented that he was the corporate secretary,” the letter alleged.

The referral continued:

“Additionally, Hunter Biden during his testimony relayed an entirely fictitious account about threatening text messages he sent to his Chinese business partner while invoking his father’s presence with him as he wrote the messages.

“Hunter Biden told the Oversight Committee and the Judiciary Committee he had transmitted this threat to an unrelated individual with the same surname. However, documents released by the Committee on Ways and Means demonstrate conclusively that Hunter Biden made this threat to the intended individual, and bank records prove Hunter Biden’s Chinese business partners wired millions of dollars to him after his threat. A portion of the proceeds has been traced to Joe Biden’s bank account.”

Regarding James Biden, the letter accused him of lying under oath when he claimed he had never met with former Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski.

“Specifically, James Biden stated he did not attend a meeting with Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, and Tony Bobulinski on May 2, 2017 at the Beverly Hilton Hotel,” House Republicans asserted.

The committee chairs described the alleged false testimony as a “calculated” and “clumsy attempt” to “insulate Joe Biden from the duly authorized impeachment inquiry.”

The letter concluded that both Hunter and James Biden should face charges for making false statements, and Hunter Biden should be charged with perjury.

The committee chairs also asked Garland to consider Hunter Biden’s “prior alleged criminal activity” while contemplating an indictment and mentioned his two ongoing federal tax and gun trials.

“Because Hunter Biden was federally indicted in two different jurisdictions at the time of his Congressional deposition, he was also subject to two federal court orders stating that he could not commit any crimes while on federal supervised release,” Comer, Jordan, and Smith concluded.

Garland did not immediately respond to the criminal referral.

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