US Officer Killed in Apparent Ambush, Hunt Is on for the Suspect

US Officer Killed in Apparent Ambush, Hunt Is on for the Suspect

EUCLID, Ohio - A tragic incident unfolded in Euclid, Ohio, over the weekend when a police officer lost his life in what authorities described as an "ambush" during a response to a disturbance call.

The incident occurred late Saturday night, prompting a swift and intensive search for the suspect involved.

According to Euclid Police, officers were called to a residence following reports of a disturbance just before 10 p.m. The caller reported threats made by the child's father against herself and her mother, leading to heightened concerns for their safety.

Upon arrival, officers were informed that the suspect, identified as Deshawn Vaughn, was possibly nearby and on foot. As officers proceeded to investigate, Vaughn allegedly opened fire on them from a backyard location, catching them off guard.

During the altercation, an officer, identified as Jacob Derbin, was tragically struck by gunfire in what authorities described as an ambush. Despite efforts to save him, Derbin succumbed to his injuries after being transported to a hospital. The incident sparked a massive search involving multiple law enforcement agencies to apprehend the suspect responsible for this heinous act.

Ohio's Attorney General, Dave Yost, expressed determination in bringing justice to the perpetrator, emphasizing that no effort would be spared in pursuing the case. Updates from Yost's office included details about the suspect and the ongoing investigation.

After a thorough search, law enforcement located Vaughn at an apartment complex in Northeast Ohio, where a standoff ensued. Eventually, Vaughn was discovered deceased inside the apartment, although authorities did not initially disclose the circumstances of his death.

As the community grappled with the loss, sentiments of grief and solidarity poured in from officials and residents alike. Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer remembered Officer Derbin as a remarkable individual, highlighting his positive impact and infectious smile.

Mayor Kirsten Holzheimer Gail echoed these sentiments, urging unity and support among community members during this challenging time. The tragic incident served as a stark reminder of the risks faced by law enforcement officers and the profound impact of such losses on families and communities.

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