Warning Issued Over ‘Wave’ of ‘Unprecedented Deaths’

Warning Issued Over ‘Wave’ of ‘Unprecedented Deaths’

A prominent scientist, who previously served as a vaccine expert for Bill Gates, has raised concerns about an anticipated surge in illness and mortality among recipients of the Covid mRNA vaccination.

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, renowned for his expertise in vaccines and his past association with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has issued a stark warning about an impending crisis of unprecedented scale.

Bossche predicts a mortality toll of "up to 30–40% in highly vaccinated countries," cautioning during an interview with vaccine expert Steve Kirsch.

Furthermore, Bossche highlights that mRNA injections are unlikely to halt the evolution of Covid, as the virus continues to mutate beyond the spike protein, potentially enhancing its infectiousness. He explains that this increased activity of cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) could lead to a decline in T cells, crucial for boosting neutralizing antibodies that counter virulence.

Bossche has previously criticized the decision to roll out vaccines during a pandemic, arguing that mass vaccinations may not eradicate viruses but could instead potentiate them. He points to wealthy nations with high vaccination rates experiencing surges in acute illnesses as evidence.

In response to Kirsch's inquiries about the unprecedented nature of this future scenario, Bossche predicts that the widespread implementation of Covid mRNA vaccines may result in the deaths of over a third of the population in some highly vaccinated regions.

However, Bossche's dire predictions are not new. In a previous interview, he warned of a looming catastrophe for vaccinated individuals, envisioning a "massive tsunami" of illness and death among the global Covid mRNA vaccinated population.

This impending "massive tsunami," according to top scientists, could precipitate social, financial, and economic chaos, alongside the collapse of healthcare systems. Bossche emphasizes the imminent rise in severe long Covid cases among vaccinated individuals, potentially surpassing the current surge of cancer cases.

Bossche's assertions are grounded in years of study, leading him to assert confidently that a hyper-acute Covid crisis is on the horizon, necessitating the creation of a new societal paradigm. He predicts that overwhelmed hospitals will trigger cascading chaos across various sectors, including financial, economic, and social realms.

While Bossche acknowledges the gravity of his statements, he remains resolute in his conviction that these events are inevitable, urging preparedness for the turbulent times ahead.

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