WATCH: Bill Maher Unleashes on Stormy Daniels’ Testimony in Trump Trial

WATCH: Bill Maher Unleashes on Stormy Daniels’ Testimony in Trump Trial

"Real Time" host Bill Maher expressed dissatisfaction with adult film actress Stormy Daniels' testimony in the New York trial against former President Trump.

During a panel discussion, Maher voiced his frustrations about the stalled progress of criminal charges against Trump, particularly highlighting recent developments in the Georgia and classified documents cases.

Reflecting on the situation, Maher quipped, "So it’s Stormy or bust."

Turning serious, Maher critiqued Daniels as a witness, stating, "She’s a bad witness!" He supported his argument by playing clips from his 2018 interview with Daniels, where they discussed her alleged affair with Trump, a claim Trump has consistently denied.

In the interview, Maher reminded Daniels that she had previously stated, "It’s not a Me Too case," emphasizing that she hadn't characterized herself as a victim of assault, coercion, or blackmail.

However, Maher pointed out discrepancies in Daniels' recent statements, citing her use of "Me Too buzzwords" like an "imbalance of power," shaky hands, and blacking out during the alleged incident. He questioned whether a seasoned professional like Daniels, familiar with intimate encounters, would genuinely black out in such a situation.

Maher's initial enthusiasm about the trial being a potential game changer in the presidential election shifted as he became critical of the case's seriousness. He previously noted that while initially skeptical, he believed Trump's potential conviction could impact the election landscape significantly.

He speculated on the potential consequences of a conviction for Trump, including changes in voter perception and the rise of figures like Alvin Bragg within the Democratic Party.

Overall, Maher's commentary reflected a mixture of disappointment with Daniels' testimony and a shifting perspective on the trial's significance in the political arena.

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