18 Trump Allies Indicted at Behest of Democrat Attorney General

18 Trump Allies Indicted at Behest of Democrat Attorney General

Arizona's Democratic Attorney General, Kris Mayes, made a significant announcement on Wednesday, revealing that a grand jury under her jurisdiction had indicted 11 Arizona Republicans and seven associates of former President Donald Trump. The indictment alleges their involvement in an attempt to undermine the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The charges detailed in the extensive 58-page indictment include conspiracy, fraud, and forgery.

Among the defendants are notable figures such as former Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward, state Senators Jake Hoffman and Anthony Kern, and state Republican National Committee member Tyler Bowyer. These individuals are implicated in seeking to act as alternative Republican electors during the 2020 election.

Reportedly, the names of certain defendants, including Trump's attorneys Rudy Giuliani and John Eastman, former chief of staff Mark Meadows, and others, were redacted from the document. Trump himself is referred to as "Unindicted Coconspirator 1."

The indictment suggests that the defendants and their alleged co-conspirators devised a scheme aimed at thwarting the lawful transfer of the presidency, with the intention of keeping Trump in office despite the electoral outcome favoring Democrat Joe Biden.

Following Biden's narrow victory in Arizona by just 10,457 votes, allegations of widespread election fraud were raised by the defendants, purportedly to pressure election officials into altering the election outcome.

The indictment contends that the defendants aimed to mislead the public by falsely asserting that their votes were contingent upon a legal challenge that could alter the election outcome.

Prosecutors assert that their actual objective was to persuade Vice President Mike Pence, during the Electoral College vote count on January 6, 2021, to declare Trump as the winner of Arizona or to refer the certification issue back to the state Legislature for further examination.

However, then-Governor Doug Ducey and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs had already certified Biden as the winner in December 2020.

In a video statement, Mayes emphasized the importance of upholding democracy and justice, despite potential criticism for pursuing the investigation.

Mayes reiterated that Arizona's election was conducted fairly and freely, contrasting with previous claims of fraud.

Notably, a report released in April 2022 by then-Attorney General Mark Brnovich highlighted significant issues in ballot handling and verification processes in Maricopa County during the 2020 general election. However, Brnovich faced criticism from Mayes after allegations surfaced that his office had suppressed internal findings indicating no widespread fraud occurred in the election.

The indictment and subsequent responses from defendants, such as Hoffman's assertion of being targeted for political reasons, underscore the contentious nature of the case. Giuliani also hinted at his stance on the charges, suggesting he has evidence challenging the election outcome but denying any criminal wrongdoing.

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