White House Changes How Biden Approaches Marine One in Attempt to Hide the Truth: Report

White House Changes How Biden Approaches Marine One in Attempt to Hide the Truth: Report

According to a recent report, President Joe Biden will now be accompanied to and from Marine One at the White House to shield his gait from media scrutiny, amidst concerns about his motor skills, as highlighted throughout his presidency.

Biden's challenges with fine motor skills, including falls while boarding Air Force One and issues with Marine One, have drawn attention.

Recent observations of his crossings of the South Lawn have raised questions about his stability and gait.

It has been noted that Biden sometimes appears unsteady and lacks the previous agility in his steps.

Axios reported that Biden will no longer walk to and from Marine One alone but will have aides accompanying him to deflect attention from his movements.

Hans Nichols and Alex Thompson, reporting for Axios, highlighted that aides will walk between Biden and journalists to diminish focus on his halting gait.

Concerns among Biden's advisers have been expressed regarding videos showcasing him walking alone, particularly across the grass, which accentuate his age.

The aim of this new travel protocol is to alter the narrative surrounding Biden's age and capability to serve another term. Biden's doctors attribute noticeable changes in his gait to "spinal arthritis" and "mild sensory peripheral neuropathy of the feet." He now frequently wears specialized shoes for added support and stability.

Observations by Axios reveal that Biden has been accompanied by lawmakers or staff during most of his recent walks to Marine One.

While last summer, Biden began boarding Air Force One from a lower staircase due to previous difficulties with the taller one, this adjustment did not prevent an incident in February when he nearly lost his footing.

The changes in Biden's travel routines underscore ongoing efforts to manage and mitigate concerns about his physical capabilities amidst the demands of his presidency.

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