3 People Killed in Las Vegas Law Office Shootin...

3 People Killed in Las Vegas Law Office Shootin...

Two individuals at a Las Vegas law office were tragically killed in a shooting on Monday morning, and the shooter subsequently took his own life, according to police reports.

The incident took place around 10 a.m. at a fifth-floor law office on West Charleston Boulevard near Pavilion Center Drive, as detailed by Las Vegas Sheriff Kevin McMahill during a news conference.

The sheriff confirmed that a male and a female had lost their lives, and the gunman was presumed to have committed suicide.

"We believe the suspect is deceased," Sheriff McMahill stated, also assuring the public that there was no ongoing threat to the community.

He clarified, "The suspect was not killed by my police. We believe he took his own life."

Specifics regarding the victims and the shooter, including their identities and their relationship, were not disclosed immediately. It remained unclear if the victims were affiliated with the law office.

Emergency responders swiftly evacuated the building, adhering to an active-shooter protocol, authorities mentioned.

The suspect's vehicle became a subject of investigation, with police endeavoring to ascertain a motive.

"We have a theory at this point, but I cannot release any of that information until we've confirmed that information," Sheriff McMahill stated.

Numerous individuals were evacuated from the building, and there were neighboring businesses near the law office where the incident unfolded, according to Sheriff McMahill.

NBC News attempted to contact a law office on the fifth floor later in the afternoon, but there was no response. Police reported utilizing the nearby Red Rock Casino as an aid center.

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