Biden About To Be Removed From 2024 Ballot!

Biden About To Be Removed From 2024 Ballot!

Ohio, a crucial battleground state, poses a significant challenge to Democratic President Joe Biden's ballot access.

While Democrats celebrate Biden's recent fundraising successes, an election issue in Ohio has come to light, potentially affecting Biden's inclusion on the general election ballot, as reported by ABC News.

A detailed letter sent to the chair of Ohio's Democratic Party last Friday outlined the situation, as reported by the Columbus Dispatch.

The Ohio Secretary of State's office informed Democratic Party chair Liz Walters that Biden cannot be on the ballot unless state law changes or the national party convention is held earlier than planned. The Democratic National Convention is scheduled for August 19 to select their 2024 candidate, but Ohio law requires the nominee's designation by August 7 for ballot inclusion in November.

Given the logistical challenges of rescheduling such a large event, it's unlikely the convention will move. Alternatively, Ohio's legislature could approve new legislation by May 9, allowing Democrats to ensure their nominee's ballot inclusion through a waiver.

Paul Disantis, legal counsel to Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose, communicated the urgency in a letter to the state party chairman, stating that either the national convention must advance or the Ohio General Assembly must act swiftly to meet legal requirements.

"We're investigating," said a representative for Walters and the state party.

A Biden campaign representative assured ABC News that they are monitoring the situation and are confident Biden will appear on all 50 state ballots.

Ohio, traditionally pivotal in presidential elections, has leaned right since 2016, supporting Donald Trump in past elections, including 2020. However, speculation arises about potential shifts in Ohio's political landscape by 2024, possibly influenced by concerns over abortion rights after recent Supreme Court decisions.

Political analysts have varying predictions, highlighting the high stakes for Democrats to ensure Biden's presence on the autumn ballot.

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