All Hell Breaks Loose During Exclusive Trump Interview With Hateful Fox News Host

All Hell Breaks Loose During Exclusive Trump Interview With Hateful Fox News Host

In a forthright discussion on Fox News' MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz, broadcasted on Sunday, Donald Trump tackled a spectrum of issues without restraint.

Trump's dialogue with Kurtz spanned several contentious subjects such as immigration, relations with Putin, accusations of disseminating "fake news," and allegations of a "rigged election." Trump remained unyielding in the face of questions that seemed designed to corner him.

Kurtz initiated the conversation with immigration, an issue frequently utilized by the media to frame Trump negatively.

Kurtz's question, laced with bias, probed Trump on his choice of words when discussing illegal immigration, comparing them to terminology used by historical dictators.

Trump's rebuttal emphasized the grave consequences of open borders under the Biden administration, highlighting the influx of criminals and the strain on American society.

Trump commented, "Because our country is being poisoned. Look, we can be nice about it, we can talk about, oh, I want to be politically correct, but we have people coming in from prisons and jails, long-term murderers, people with sentences that the rest of their lives they’re going to spend in some jail in some country that many people have never even heard of. They’re all being released into our country. These are murderers, these are people at the highest level of crime, and then you have mental institutions and insane asylums. I always say the difference is one is silence of the lambs. It’s a mental institution on steroids, okay?"

Transitioning to foreign policy, Kurtz broached the topic of Putin and the death of Alexei Navalny, a query implying prior collusion between Trump and Putin. Trump navigated the question adroitly, acknowledging the possibility of Putin's involvement in a non-committal manner, thus sidestepping the underlying insinuation of the question.

Kurtz's questioning then veered towards lighter territory, bringing up Trump's public spat with Jimmy Kimmel. Trump's remarks on Kimmel highlighted the former president's perception of the late-night host's lack of talent and poor ratings, culminating in a viral moment where Kimmel read Trump's critique on air, an action Trump mocked for its lack of foresight.

The discussion also touched on Trump's contentious relationship with the media, particularly his criticism of networks for not broadcasting his speeches.

Trump voiced his dismay over the portrayal of his candidacy and the decision by some networks to exclude his addresses, singling out CNN for criticism and alluding to his earlier interactions with Jake Tapper.

Kurtz attempted a final "gotcha" moment by addressing Trump's stance on the 2020 election being "rigged." Trump stood firm on his assertion, contrasting it with his 2016 victory and asserting his improved performance in the 2020 election despite controversies surrounding the election's integrity. Kurtz's interjection that the rigging claims remain unproven in court was met with Trump's unwavering confidence in his stance and his hint at a future political endeavor.

This comprehensive dialogue with Trump encapsulates his unapologetic stance on several pivotal issues, from immigration and foreign policy to media relations and electoral integrity, underscoring his readiness to challenge prevailing narratives and assert his viewpoints.

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