Biden Makes Little Girl Cry During WH Easter Egg Roll

President Joe Biden caused a young child to cry during the annual White House Easter egg roll on Monday. This incident marked the end of a holiday season where the White House seemed to overshadow the significance of Christ's resurrection.

During the event's livestream on YouTube, a girl in a pink hoodie stood out among the children rolling eggs on the South Lawn. She paused and moved away from the group, catching Biden's attention. Approaching her and gently touching her shoulder, Biden knelt down to speak with her, leading to a brief moment of tears.

However, with assistance from nearby adults, the girl recovered and eventually seemed to enjoy the festivities. The interaction quickly spread across social media platforms.

The president also went viral at Monday’s event when he referred to Easter bunnies as “oyster bunnies.”

On Friday, Biden issued an official White House proclamation to designate March 31 — the date on which Easter fell this year — as the “Transgender Day of Visibility.”

His social media accounts also posted about the proclamation on Easter Sunday:

Biden denied he made the proclamation on Monday afternoon when asked about it by reporters at the White House.

In regard to overshadowing a holiday about Christ through the proclamation, the president responded, “I didn’t do that,” The Washington Times reported.

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