Trump Names Republican 'One of the Worst Senators in the US Senate'

In a fervent critique shared through two statements on his Truth Social platform, former President Donald Trump launched a harsh attack against Republican Senator Bill Cassidy from Louisiana.

Trump derisively nicknamed Cassidy "Lamebrain" and charged him with losing touch with the voters he represents.

The exact provocations for Trump's ire remain unspecified, yet the focus of his online tirade was squarely on Cassidy, a medical professional and two-time senator who was among the seven Republican senators voting in favor of Trump's impeachment for "incitement of insurrection" in early 2021.

Trump unleashed a scathing critique, declaring, “One of the worst Senators in the United States Senate is, without question, Bill Cassidy, A TOTAL FLAKE, Republican though he may be.” He recollected Cassidy's previous campaign strategies that heavily leveraged Trump's endorsement, stating, “He campaigned in the Great State of Louisiana on TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP, and was absolutely thrilled when he was able to get my very important Endorsement.”

According to Trump, despite winning the 2020 Louisiana senatorial race with his endorsement, Cassidy subsequently betrayed him. Trump expressed disdain, writing, “Cassidy is a total ‘stiff,’ but Louisiana didn’t need him to protect them, because they had ME, 100%! Nevertheless, when the Democrats’ Impeachment Hoax started, this Lamebrain Senator actually voted against me.”

In further posts, Trump cast Cassidy as unreliable, especially in challenging situations. “This is not someone you want to be in a foxhole with,” he remarked, branding Cassidy as “very disloyal and not very smart.” Trump also disclosed that Cassidy had once sought his endorsement for the Louisiana gubernatorial race, preferring Jeff Landry, the state's current governor, instead.

Trump criticized Cassidy for his perceived indifference to the ongoing migration issues, claiming it is "destroying our Country" and labeled Cassidy as "a disloyal lightweight," enjoying his fall from grace in Louisiana.

Senator Cassidy has yet to make a public statement in response. Following his impeachment vote on February 13, 2021, Cassidy justified his decision, emphasizing the supremacy of the Constitution and the country over any individual and declared his vote was because he found Trump guilty.

Though Trump was acquitted, Cassidy has expressed skepticism about Trump's influence and electoral viability, especially in a general election context during a CNN interview with Jake Tapper, suggesting Trump's endorsements may have been counterproductive for candidates and doubting Trump's potential success in the 2024 presidential race.

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