Blockbuster Announcement About the Future Of Biden’s Re-Election Campaign

Blockbuster Announcement About the Future Of Biden’s Re-Election Campaign

Following his poor debate performance, President Joe Biden is “expected to discuss the future of his re-election campaign with family at Camp David on Sunday,” NBC News reported Saturday night.

Biden will travel to Camp David on a previously planned trip with his wife, Jill Biden, children, and grandchildren, according to NBC. Since the debate, Jill Biden has remained publicly supportive of his candidacy, acknowledging at a fundraiser that it wasn’t his best showing.

Biden’s weak performance against former President Donald Trump caused widespread concern among Democrats. Numerous prominent media figures, many typically supportive of Biden, urged him to consider stepping down before the Democratic convention.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, a consistent supporter of Biden, suggested he reconsider his candidacy. “To serve his country, President Biden should leave the race,” wrote the New York Times editorial board. Several top columnists from the newspaper, including Tom Friedman, a personal friend of Biden, concurred. On Saturday, New Yorker editor David Remnick remarked that staying in the race “would be an act not only of self-delusion but of national endangerment.”

Despite significant pressure, the Biden campaign remains firm. A campaign email sent Saturday offered supporters advice on discussing the debate with “your panicked aunt, your MAGA uncle, or some self-important Podcasters” — potentially a reference to the hosts of Pod Save America, who called the debate a “fucking disaster” for Biden and suggested he step aside while there’s still time to nominate a replacement.

If re-elected, the 81-year-old president would be 86 by the end of his term.

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