Big Brawl Breaks Out LIVE On Anderson Cooper When Kamala Comes On

Big Brawl Breaks Out LIVE On Anderson Cooper When Kamala Comes On

Vice President Harris was questioned by CNN’s Anderson Cooper about President Biden’s poor debate performance on Thursday night. Cooper referenced a report by CNN’s John King, which mentioned that some Democratic strategists and lawmakers are contemplating whether to pressure Biden to step down, and he asked Harris for her opinion on this suggestion.

“Some in your party are considering if President Biden should even step aside. What do you say to that?” Cooper asked. Rather than addressing the question directly, Harris focused on promoting Biden’s performance.

“First, let’s be clear: tonight, the president made a strong contrast with Donald Trump on issues that matter to Americans. Yes, there was a slow start, but it ended strong. Throughout the evening, it became clear that Joe Biden is fighting for the American people on substance, policy, and performance,” she responded. “Joe Biden is extraordinarily strong. That is undeniable.”

After the debate, Cooper, visibly frustrated, noted that some Democrats had expressed concerns both publicly and privately about Biden’s qualifications. “In terms of substance, policy, and performance tonight, the president’s performance was clearly disappointing to his supporters. CNN is reporting that Democratic lawmakers who watched the debate were worried. One called it a ‘disaster,’ another a ‘train wreck,’” Cooper remarked.

Harris replied, “People can debate style points, but this election and the presidency are about substance. The contrast is clear.” She dismissed the idea of Biden resigning, continuing to highlight his accomplishments while making accusations against Trump regarding a national abortion ban.

Cooper, not backing down, reiterated the concerns of Democrats. The two engaged in a verbal back-and-forth as Harris continued to praise Biden’s performance while Cooper questioned Biden’s leadership capabilities.

“This was a debate your campaign advocated for,” Cooper said after Harris listed several of Biden’s achievements. “You pushed for this debate at this time. Can you honestly say you have no concerns after watching the president’s performance tonight?” Cooper pressed.

“It was a slow start. That’s clear to everyone. I’m not going to debate that point,” Harris replied.

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