Bret Baier's Family Shares Terrifying News

Bret Baier's Family Shares Terrifying News

Bret Baier, a journalist at Fox News, recently shared the news of his sixteen-year-old son Paul's fifth open cardiac surgery.

The events leading to Paul's urgent surgery began subtly. While the Baier family primarily resided in Washington, D.C., they also spent time in Palm Beach, Florida, where Paul was staying when he started showing symptoms of what seemed like a common cold.

Amy Baier, his mother, took precautionary steps after consulting with a doctor due to concerns about Paul's history of cardiac issues.

Initially suspected to have rhinovirus due to cold-like symptoms, Paul was advised to undergo a chest X-ray given his extensive medical history.

Paul has undergone more than a dozen surgeries in his lifetime, including his first open-heart surgery as a newborn, and subsequent procedures at 10 months, 6 years, and 13 years of age. He was born with five congenital heart abnormalities.

Reflecting on his journey, Paul expressed gratitude to his supportive community and for his life, stating, "I'm so grateful to have the community I have and to have my life." He acknowledged the significant changes that can occur in just five hours.

Amy Baier recalled the doctor's thoroughness during their visit, mentioning, "Dr. Stein was very thorough, and before we left, she said, 'Let’s do a chest X-ray, just to be sure everything’s okay.'" The X-ray revealed tissue on Paul's lungs, prompting Dr. Stein to forward the images to his cardiologist in Washington, D.C. Subsequent MRI results revealed a golf ball-sized aneurysm near Paul's heart, posing immediate life-threatening risks if ruptured.

Bret Baier, known for hosting Special Report on Fox News, described the moment of realization about the seriousness of Paul's condition, stating, "This is a really big deal. This is an aneurysm the size of a golf ball that has formed off of his heart." The medical team recommended immediate open-heart surgery to address the aneurysm.

Recalling the emotional journey, Bret shared, "As he rolled away on the gurney, it was pretty tough. Very emotional." The surgery lasted approximately 10 hours, with doctors successfully removing the aneurysm. Paul's recovery progressed well, and within five days, he was ready to leave the hospital.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Paul expressed optimism about his recovery, emphasizing gratitude for every moment of life.

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