Fox News FINISHED After Caving To Hunter Biden's Demands

Fox News FINISHED After Caving To Hunter Biden's Demands

Fox News recently pulled down its series "The Trial of Hunter Biden" from its Fox Nation streaming service following legal pressure from Hunter Biden's legal team. The attorneys raised concerns about the inclusion of potentially hacked sexually explicit photographs of Biden in the documentary, citing potential violations of state laws against revenge pornography.

The series, which premiered on the network's streaming platform in October 2022, was removed shortly after Hunter Biden's lawyers publicly threatened legal action. Biden has also accused the network of defamation.

A spokesperson for Fox News Media stated, "This program has been available since 2022. We are currently reviewing the concerns raised and, as a precautionary measure, have taken it down."

"The Trial of Hunter Biden" was a six-part documentary series on Fox Nation that delved into the legal and political controversies surrounding Hunter Biden, the son of President Joe Biden. It featured reenactments and analyses of various allegations against Hunter, including his business dealings in Ukraine and China, and personal challenges. The series attracted significant interest, reflecting the political divide surrounding the Biden family.

In a letter obtained by CNN, Hunter Biden reportedly demanded the removal of any private sexually explicit photographs from Fox News platforms as a public response to conservative media. His lawyers accused Fox News of attempting to discredit him by distributing "hacked" photos without permission. The letter also requested on-air corrections and retractions regarding allegations of an international bribery conspiracy involving President Joe Biden and his son.

Hunter Biden's legal team, comprising Mark Geragos, Bryan Freedman, and Tina Glandian, criticized Fox News for using Hunter Biden as a target for ratings and financial gain over the past five years.

Responding to the demand for removal, a Fox News spokesperson affirmed the network's coverage of publicized events and the subsequent indictment of an FBI informant, emphasizing adherence to the First Amendment.

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