Family Paid For Disney World Pic with Actress, Get Horrifying Surprise

Family Paid For Disney World Pic with Actress, Get Horrifying Surprise

Disney faces another round of criticism.

In what appears to be a bid to cater to the demands of the so-called woke culture, Disney stirred controversy in 2023 when male actors were spotted wearing dresses at children's attractions, sparking viral outrage.

Now, less than a year later, Disney is embroiled in a similar uproar, potentially of greater magnitude.

Traditionally, actors portraying characters like Cinderella or the Evil Queen at Disney theme parks were required to match the gender of the character they were portraying. However, recent reports suggest this may no longer be the case.

According to a father who spoke to That Park Place under the condition of anonymity, during a premium-priced dinner experience at Story Book Dining at Artist Point in Walt Disney World's Wilderness Lodge Resort, his family encountered an actor portraying the Evil Queen from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" who had a male-sounding voice.

Despite initially appearing normal, upon closer inspection, the father claimed to have noticed something amiss.

A video circulating on social media platform X appeared to confirm the father's observations, showing an actor with a distinctly male voice responding to a fan's compliment.

The father raised his concerns with a manager, but was met with dismissiveness. Despite expressing his discomfort with the situation, the manager insisted that the actor was female.

While it remains uncertain whether the actor identified as male or female, the incident has reignited skepticism towards Disney's motives, particularly in light of similar controversies in the past.

This latest episode underscores concerns about Disney's commitment to addressing cultural controversies, despite CEO Bob Iger's recent remarks about wanting to quell such discussions.

Critics argue that hiring a male actor to portray a female character, particularly in close interaction with children, sends a subtle yet unmistakable message in support of transgender rights.

Disney's apparent disregard for customer concerns, coupled with previous controversies and financial setbacks, raises questions about the company's priorities and its willingness to listen to its audience.

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