Mike Rowe Adds Insult to Injury for Embattled Ivy League Schools Like Only He Can

Mike Rowe Adds Insult to Injury for Embattled Ivy League Schools Like Only He Can

Mike Rowe, the acclaimed host of shows like “Dirty Jobs” and “Somebody’s Gotta Do it,” has taken notice of the events unfolding at college campuses across the United States — and his sentiments likely align with those of many.

Rowe shared a detailed statement on social media platform X, expressing strong criticism toward Columbia University and its president for their handling of ongoing anti-Israel protests and the resulting “encampment” on campus.

As a proponent of practical solutions, Rowe proposed alternatives — both for the university and for individuals frustrated with the current state of higher education.

One of his suggestions was to cease financial support for Ivy League institutions.

“As someone who leads a foundation sending young people to trade schools across America — schools where, I'm pleased to note, there are no calls for violence against Jews — recent headlines provide yet another compelling reason to consider redirecting any financial aid intended for the Ivy League towards the mikeroweWORKS Foundation,” he stated.

“Why?” Rowe posed the question. “Because the Ivy League has truly lost its way.”

Rowe didn't hold back, expressing his astonishment at Columbia University President Nemat “Minouche” Shafik’s decision to implement remote learning as a response to ensure student safety and de-escalate tensions.

“If I were a parent with a child at Columbia, I’d be outraged,” Rowe emphasized. “It’s incomprehensible that the university president would opt for remote learning rather than take decisive action against the protesters.”

“For $68,000 a year at Columbia, you get an administration that capitulates to bullies, and a president who prefers to relocate learning off-campus rather than take a firm stance against students advocating violence,” he remarked.

“Expel them,” Rowe urged, after detailing instances of disturbing anti-Semitic behavior at Columbia. “Inciting violence is not protected speech.”

One can imagine Rowe’s frustration following Shafik’s decision to extend the deadline for protesters to dismantle their encampment and leave campus, as reported earlier by The Western Journal.

Protesters at Columbia and other universities demand divestment from Israel-related investments, which mainly involves avoiding financial ties with companies supporting Jewish settlements in historically disputed territories.

It would be ironic if these protests inadvertently redirected donations from Ivy League institutions to Rowe’s foundation.

In full transparency, I haven’t graduated from an Ivy League school, though my father did. However, I value higher education, holding multiple degrees that have contributed to my career. Despite this, I haven’t donated to my alma mater beyond tuition and fees.

Now, I’m considering supporting the mikeroweWORKS Foundation. If you’re inclined, you can find more information here.

Regardless, I encourage you not to contribute financially to Columbia University.

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