Hillary Clinton Makes Horrifying Admission About Murder

Hillary Clinton Makes Horrifying Admission About Murder

Hillary Clinton, a two-time Democratic presidential nominee, has condemned Arizona's recent implementation of a strict abortion ban, labeling it as "cruelty" toward women.

The Arizona Supreme Court upheld a long-standing 1864 statute that severely restricts abortion in the state, rendering a more recent 15-week abortion law obsolete.

Under the archaic 1864 regulation, abortion is permitted only to preserve the mother's life, with violators facing potential sentences of two to five years in jail. The recent court ruling addressed the law's enforceability rather than its constitutionality, leaving room for further legal scrutiny.

During an appearance on NBC's "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Clinton denounced Arizona's abortion ban as "horrifying" and characterized it as a form of cruelty toward women. She expressed disappointment at the lack of exceptions for cases of rape or incest, emphasizing the detrimental impact on women's lives.

Clinton urged viewers to support Democrats in upcoming elections, asserting that voting is a powerful tool for improving lives and should not be used to impose personal beliefs on others. She also mentioned her involvement in a musical production called "Suffs," highlighting the struggle for women's suffrage.

In response to the Arizona Supreme Court's decision, Republican lawmakers opted to delay efforts to repeal the abortion ban, citing the need for thorough investigation and community outreach.


State Representative Matt Gress initially led the repeal attempt but agreed to postpone the vote following calls for further analysis of the verdict's implications.

Both President Donald Trump and Vice President Kamala Harris weighed in on the issue. While Trump expressed optimism for a swift resolution despite his reservations about the strict application of the outdated statute, Harris announced plans to visit Arizona to advocate for reproductive health.

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