Ilhan Omar Gets Horrible News Weeks Away From Close Primary

Ilhan Omar Gets Horrible News Weeks Away From Close Primary

A Democratic contender aiming to unseat far-left Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has received significant endorsement as he prepares for the upcoming primary later this summer.

Don Samuels, a 75-year-old former Minneapolis councilman, has gained the support of the United Steelworkers Union, positioning himself as a more centrist option in the race, as reported by the Washington Examiner. He also has the backing of the International Union of Operating Engineers.

Having narrowly lost the 2022 primary to Omar, Samuels’ prospects are bolstered this time by the increased backing from unions and other supporters.

“Our campaign is not just about winning an election. It’s about making a real difference in the lives of working families,” Samuels stated to the outlet. “I’m deeply honored to have the support of these unions and their members as we gather momentum for the Aug. 13 primary.”

Samuels highlighted that Omar is increasingly diverging from Biden and other Democrats on critical issues.

“Unlike my opponent, who was one of only six Democrats to oppose Joe Biden’s historic infrastructure bill, I’m committed to going to Washington to collaborate with the president and my colleagues in Congress. Together, we can pass legislation that creates jobs and opportunities, not just make a point,” he added.

The United Steelworkers (USW), representing 1.2 million workers and retirees nationwide, and the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), representing over 400,000 workers in the U.S. and Canada, see Omar as too divisive.

“We support Don because our members deserve and expect representation focused on improving the lives of working people instead of political grandstanding and division,” said Jason George, business manager of the IUOE’s Local 49 in Omar’s district. “When Rep. Omar voted against President Biden’s historic infrastructure package, it sent a clear message to our members that it was time for new leadership in the Fifth District.”

Omar, a member of the progressive House “Squad,” faces a challenging primary partly due to fundraising efforts from outside organizations supporting her steadfast progressive views, particularly on issues like the Gaza War.

Despite Samuels’ vocal criticism of Israel, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee has not significantly supported him, which has frustrated him, according to the Examiner.

Omar holds a clear fundraising lead over Samuels, raising nearly $5 million compared to Samuels’s $775,000 as of mid-April, per the MinnPost.

After trailing Omar by just 2.1 percent in the 2022 primary, Samuels’ polling looks more competitive this time. His campaign released a Victoria Research poll in February showing 519 Democratic voters in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district evenly split between Omar and Samuels, with 41 percent supporting each. The remaining 18% are undecided or plan to vote for another candidate.

“This poll supports what we already know: We can beat Rep. Ilhan Omar. We talk to exhausted voters around the district every day on the campaign trail, and we hear over and over again how sick and tired they are of the division and dysfunction that define Washington today,” Samuels said about the poll results.

“Sadly, many feel that the congresswoman is contributing to this dysfunction and are ready for new leadership focused on building common ground to deliver results for families and working people in the Fifth Congressional District and around the country,” Samuels added.

Samuels’ campaign also noted that Omar “encouraged an uncommitted vote in Minnesota’s presidential primary and did not even bother to vote” on Super Tuesday last month.

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