Trump 2024 VP Pick? - You Never Would Have Guessed His Name

Trump 2024 VP Pick? - You Never Would Have Guessed His Name

Former President Donald Trump is on the path to securing the GOP presidential nomination and must now choose a new running mate. This decision is more critical than ever.

“This time Trump’s calculus will be much different than it was during his last two campaigns,” New York Magazine’s Intelligencer column noted. “Unlike in 2016, he can pretty much choose whoever he wants (within reason). Assuming the primary continues on its current trajectory, he will owe his nomination to no particular party faction; that means there’s no significant bloc of intraparty opposition that he must appease the way conservative evangelicals needed to be placated with Mike Pence.”

“Trump also has to think about his legacy. Since he’s limited to two terms, his veep will be the prohibitive front-runner in 2028 if Republicans win,” the column continued. “Even if they don’t take back the White House, the vice presidential choice is Trump’s best opportunity to designate a successor not only as party leader but as the chieftain of the MAGA movement.”

Although Trump has made various comments about potential running mates, he has yet to make a definitive choice. However, speculation is rampant.

A notable Republican senator hinted during a Newsmax TV interview on Friday that Trump might select him as his running mate and eventual vice president.

“Senator, I would love to moderate a debate with you, but I have a hunch that there might be a vice presidential debate,” host Eric Bolling said. “Maybe Kamala Harris will be debating Senator Tim Scott on that one, and I would be honored to moderate that one.”

“If you’re the guy moderating, maybe I’ll be talking to you,” Scott responded. “We’ll see what happens… but we need a new president. And that’s Donald Trump.”

“And a new vice president, and is it you?” Bolling followed up.

“We’ll have to wait and see,” Scott replied. After running for the 2024 GOP nomination, Scott quickly endorsed Trump after dropping out of the race.


The former presidential contender recently revealed his plans to marry his longtime girlfriend, Mindy Noce, in January after proposing to her on Kiawah Island, South Carolina, according to Fox News. During an interview with host Trey Gowdy, Scott confirmed the announcement, describing the proposal as a significant moment in his life, comparable to the day he converted to Christianity.

“As a guy who is mostly an introvert and on the quiet side, having to have a conversation about the engagement is a little, you know, uncomfortable in a way, but it’s the most exciting thing I’ll do with my life besides making Jesus my Lord,” Scott said in the Sunday interview.

“I’ve been very patient and prayerful, and I’m really excited and somewhat nervous, and I couldn’t be more thankful for having found a soul mate and someone who shares a lot of the same interests, passions, and goals that I do,” he said.

“Going to the beach and getting on one knee, and asking Mindy to marry me was so much more important than anything else, and I wanted to make sure that that sacred day would not be disturbed by anything political,” Scott told Gowdy, a former U.S. congressman from South Carolina.

The couple first met during a post-church Bible study group. Noce, a successful property developer in South Carolina, is a mother of three. Scott briefly introduced her to a national audience during the November GOP presidential debate.

“My joke is as soon as I saw her picture, I figured it out. But the truth is, about two weeks into it, I knew there was something very different about her and her faith,” he said. “In our first conversation that went about an hour and a half or two, we ended up deciding to do a Bible study together.”

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