Insider Reveals Sickening 2-Word Name Biden WH Has For Trump

Insider Reveals Sickening 2-Word Name Biden WH Has For Trump

Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden's 2020 campaign emphasized the restoration of "decency" to the White House as a cornerstone of its platform.

However, insiders have revealed concerning dynamics within Biden's White House staff culture.

According to Politico, sources disclosed to Fox News that a faction of Biden's associates used a highly derogatory nickname for former President Trump.

White House insiders informed Politico that Trump was referred to as "Hitler Pig" by some of his aides.

This unsavory nickname reportedly originated after a meeting between Trump and Nick Fuentes at Mar-a-Lago, as per media reports.

Fuentes, invited by rapper Kanye West, joined the latter for dinner at the Florida resort, although Trump had not directly extended the invitation to Fuentes.

Politico's West Wing Playbook, citing four anonymous sources within the White House, detailed the adoption of the term "Hitler Pig" by Biden's "generally younger, more digitally native" aides, starting in late 2022.

The report explained that the moniker arose following Trump's dinner invitation to Fuentes, described as a white nationalist and Holocaust denier.

The insiders shared their perspective on why the term is used within the White House, suggesting it reflects a condemnation of what Biden aides perceive as one of Trump's most egregious behavior patterns.

While the president's use of the name remains unverified, there have been other reports alleging that Biden frequently employs foul language when referring to his predecessor.

Social media users criticized Biden and his administration for tolerating such offensive and derogatory language within the White House.

One user remarked, "Only the best of the best in our administration," questioning the administration's commitment to respect and dignity.

Another user sarcastically commented, "The staff of the great 'uniter' again show their true colors. So tolerant."

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