Prince William Makes Surprising Move Toward Kate In First Appearance Since Diagnosis

Prince William Makes Surprising Move Toward Kate In First Appearance Since Diagnosis

Prince William made his first public appearance since the Duchess of Cambridge disclosed her cancer diagnosis last month, receiving a gift for Kate Middleton during the event.

During his inaugural public appearance since his wife's illness was revealed, Prince William met with the founders and team of the Surplus to Supper food charity on Thursday in Surrey, England.

The nonprofit organization works toward providing disadvantaged areas with food that would otherwise be discarded.

Photographs from the occasion depict the prince engaging with staff, assisting in loading food trucks, and participating in cooking activities.

A volunteer named Rachel Candappa presented Prince William with several "get well" cards for Middleton and his father, King Charles III, who is also battling cancer. Upon receiving the cards, the prince reportedly expressed gratitude, saying, "Thank you very much, that's kind," as per ITV News.

After weeks of speculation regarding her health, Catherine, the princess of Wales, disclosed in a video statement last month that she had received a cancer diagnosis.

Despite a successful abdominal surgery, according to reports from the royal press corps, Middleton had not made any public appearances since her attendance at a Christmas celebration in December. She underwent surgery in January.

In her video announcement, Middleton mentioned, "The surgery was successful; however, tests conducted after the procedure revealed the presence of cancer."

Following her diagnosis, Middleton announced her intention to take a hiatus from her royal responsibilities to undergo "preventive chemotherapy." The specific type of cancer Middleton is facing remains undisclosed at this time.

Her illness was disclosed just weeks after King Charles III's February cancer diagnosis of an unspecified type.

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