Kayleigh McEnany Drops MAJOR Trump News LIVE On Fox

Kayleigh McEnany Drops MAJOR Trump News LIVE On Fox

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany claimed that her former boss, Donald Trump, has the “moral authority” on the issue and criticized President Joe Biden for his inadequate response to the widespread anti-Israel demonstrations on college campuses nationwide.

During Fox News’s “Outnumbered” show, McEnany contrasted Trump's decisive actions with Biden’s slow and delayed reaction. She expressed frustration over the left being accused of “anti-Semitism.”

“This is a problem of the left. Joe Biden hails from the left. He is a Democratic president. I’m sorry, but I give him no credit today. Zero credit today. I like to give Biden credit where credit’s due. Not today,” McEnany stated. “Biden speaks today because, politically, the moment demanded it. But what did he have time to do over the last nine days?

“He opposed Florida’s efforts to protect unborn babies, attended the White House Correspondents Dinner, and held campaign events in D.C. and Delaware. He even found time for Howard Stern. But he couldn’t address this issue,” she added.

McEnany continued:

“You don’t get credit for that. Then, about a minute into his speech, which only lasted about a minute or two — clearly not a priority — he says this is not a moment for politics, but for moral clarity. If it’s not a moment for politics, why treat it so politically?

“The press will let him get away with this. If Donald Trump had made those same remarks on the same timeline, the White House press briefing room would be in an uproar. We would be asked, ‘Do you denounce the support from any anti-Semitic protester?’ Denouncing every young person in the country wouldn’t be enough. We would also be asked, ‘Will you pull their student loans?’ If we didn’t answer, the White House press corps would react ferociously.

“As Donald Trump said, Joe Biden is the moral authority for this country. Has he acted like it? No. He’s led from behind,” McEnany concluded. “The former president has been the moral authority on this issue, not the current one.”

A group of 2020 voters who felt Joe Biden was “gaslighting” them on the economy and other issues last month indicated they would support former President Donald Trump this year.

According to The Daily Wire, one participant, “Omar,” was part of a focus group of undecided voters discussing the 2024 election and factors influencing their votes. He seemed to echo the group’s dissatisfaction with Biden, particularly concerning the economy.

The group was asked to compare the state of the economy under Biden’s administration with Trump’s. Remarkably, all of them felt they were better off under Trump.

The next question was whether they were convinced Trump’s policies would be better for the economy, or if there was anything Biden could do or say to change their minds about his economic policies.

One woman spoke first, expressing that Biden didn’t seem to be addressing the economy adequately.

“I feel like he doesn’t even take accountability for what’s going on. And not even accountability, like he’s in denial that it’s happening!” she remarked.

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