Melania Reveals Surprising Move For If Trump Wins - First In History

Melania Reveals Surprising Move For If Trump Wins - First In History

If Donald Trump is re-elected as president, he and Melania Trump have agreed to significantly limit her role as First Lady.

During Trump’s first term, Melania was actively involved in the political sphere. However, she has largely withdrawn from the public eye as Trump considers another run for the presidency. Her prolonged absence from political events has sparked speculation about their relationship. According to a recent report, she has made a deal with Trump: if he wins, she will not take on the full-time responsibilities of First Lady, with their son Barron being the primary reason.

Lately, former First Lady Melania has been largely absent. She did not attend the recent high-profile debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, where Jill Biden was present with the President. An insider shared, “Melania has agreed with her husband that if he wins the presidency, she will not have to perform First Lady duties around the clock.”

These rumors surfaced after reports indicated that Barron, the couple’s only child, would attend New York University this fall. Trump’s youngest recently graduated high school, with both parents present at the ceremony, which coincided with Trump’s highly publicized legal troubles, where he faced 34 felony charges related to falsifying business records.

News about her future role as First Lady comes amid her absence from last Thursday's first presidential debate, fueling media speculation.

Requests for information regarding the debate attendees were not answered by the Trump campaign, nor did the former First Lady’s office comment on her potential attendance.

“I don’t have specific names, but you’ll know when he arrives in Atlanta,” Trump campaign spokesperson Karoline Leavitt told NBC News when asked if Melania would attend.

The Trump campaign responded when a CNN reporter noted on social media that Melania did not disembark with Trump, stating, “CNN reporter arrives in Atlanta for the debate and is not accompanied by a spouse or partner. SAD!”

The Hill highlighted Melania’s absence, adding a comparison to Jill Biden for emphasis. Notably, Jill Biden is often seen guiding her husband off the stage after public appearances, ensuring his safety.

“The former First Lady has mostly been absent from her husband’s White House campaign,” The Hill reported, noting:

“She was present at Trump’s campaign launch in 2022, but she hasn’t joined him at rallies or appeared on stage after wins in the Iowa caucuses, New Hampshire primary, or Super Tuesday primaries.”

“Melania was also absent during Trump’s trial in New York, where he was found guilty of 34 felony counts related to a hush money scheme from the 2016 campaign.”

“She hosted a fundraiser for the LGBTQ group Log Cabin Republicans at Mar-a-Lago in Florida in April and appeared with Trump in March when they voted in the Florida primary. She is scheduled to host another fundraiser for the Log Cabin Republicans in New York next month.”

“First Lady Jill Biden accompanied President Biden to the debate.”

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