Oscars Organizers Roasted for 'Most Horrible In Memoriam Ever'

Oscars Organizers Roasted for 'Most Horrible In Memoriam Ever'

Every year, the Academy Awards showcases a video compilation honoring industry members who passed away in the previous year. While these memorials have faced criticism in the past, this year's edition received particularly negative reviews.

The issue did not lie so much in the presentation witnessed by the audience inside the Dolby Theatre on Hollywood Boulevard but rather with the experience of those watching the memorial video on their TVs and other screens at home.

Well-known writer and X user Laura Tremaine succinctly expressed the frustration, noting that viewers at home struggled to read the names of the departed. She remarked, "I am infuriated by this In Memoriam. It should be a full screen for the viewers, without distraction from the stage. This is a disgrace. If my loved one were in this, I would be so sad at how this is handled."

The conclusion of the memorial video also stirred discontent among many viewers. Some individuals who had passed away late in the year appeared to have their names briefly listed among dozens of others onscreen.

Expressing dissatisfaction, an X user commented, "Oscars In Memoriam was such a mess... How do you disrespect all these people at the end by just having a wall of names that barely stays up for 10 seconds?"

Another X user, Hal Corley, criticized the inclusion of dancers on stage during the in-theater presentation of the memoriam video. He insisted, "Please stop fronting the in memoriam tribute with contemporary dancers. These busy tableaux of writhing figures upstage the sadly departed and turn modern dance into kitsch; neither the dead nor the living are served."

Jean Bolduc, another X user, expressed shock at actor Burty Young's name being tossed into the long list at the end instead of featuring his face, considering Young's status as an Oscar nominee.

The discontent extended across social media platforms immediately after the segment aired. Numerous complaints surfaced, highlighting dissatisfaction with the inclusion of dancing and the difficulty for viewers at home to read the names of the departed during photo segments, not to mention the compilation of names at the end.

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